Thursday, October 13, 2016

37 and 38 Weeks

Well, I must say:

I have random hours of timeablecontractions and then they taper off. At about 36.5 weeks, I was checked for the first time and was a whopping 1 cm, 30% effaced, and she was at -1 station. I was super disappointed. Then that whole week, my sciatic nerve pain got even worse and I wondered if she was dropping lower into my pelvis, and that's what was causing it. So at my last appt I asked her to check me again - which she did so reluctantly (because this particular office doesn't like checking every week due to the risk of infection.) Anyway, my theory was wrong and I hadn't progressed at all. 

However it was getting to the point that I couldn't even walk normally. I mopped the floor the other day and really couldn't walk the rest of the day because of the pain. 

So after a few friends suggested it, I went to the chiropractor for the first time in my life yesterday. She adjusted my lower back and after she did so, she told me to move around to see how it felt. I sat down in a chair in the room, and then stood back up. When I did, I didn't have any pain when I stood back up, which was the first time that had happened in over a week!! I woke up a bit sore today, but took Tylenol and iced my back per her suggestions and I feel so much better this afternoon. It's not 100% better but it's definitely an improvement. I was even able to lift my legs to get dressed this morning with no pain!! That hasn't happened in weeks. I have another appointment on Thursday and am hoping for even more improvement. 

I was supposed to have my 38 week appointment on thsirday also but I called and canceled it today because we have crazy flooding everywhere from Hurricane Matthew that came through over the weekend and I don't even know if there's a way to get between here and Greenville that isn't flooded. So I'll just wait for my appt next week. She said they wouldn't check me this week anyway. 

I have red raspberry leaf tea coming in the mail tomorrow. You're supposed to start that way earlier than 38 weeks to help tone your uterus but better late than never, right?

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