Thursday, July 21, 2016

26 Weeks

Just this week, I have started to feel baby girl above my belly button. She has been moving way low in my abdomen but all the sudden I'm feeling her high too, and sometimes it's simultaneous, so as if my growing belly wasn't indication enough, I can definitely tell she's getting bigger :)

I can't seem to stay on plan with THM. I'm great in the morning and afternoon, but totally lose it around dinner time. I really need to get it under control though because I'm hoping for another "tiny" 8 pounder, not a 10.5 pounder like big brother was!!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

24 and 25 Weeks

Well, I still haven't taken any Unisom like the last weekly blog said! I'm so excited about that. Each day felt better and better and now I feel (for the most part) that glorious second trimester "normal."

The scale went up super fast in the last month (9 lbs in the last 4 weeks...what?!) so I've started Trim Healthy Mamaing again. I'm still just 17 lbs up total but I don't want to gain 55 lbs again and have another 10lb 8oz child. I'm not 100% on plan but definitely way better. I've started mixing 1/2 to 2/3 unsweet tea in my lemonade when I just have to have it. So hopefully the scale looks better at my next appt. I definitely feel better!!

Every pregnancy, I seem to pull a muscle in my groin that doesn't heal until after delivery. That has happened this pregnancy and has been here for at least a few weeks, so that's no fun. 

No 25 week picture because it's already Saturday and I kept forgetting. :(

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Pregnancy Comparison #2

Well, it's clear that I carry my girls the same!
The ivory and blue shirts are the same - just a different color. I can't find the ivory one since I've pulled out maternity clothes. I remember wearing the purple one because the ivory one didn't quite fit me, and I have to agree with that with this pregnancy too. My belly is so high with my girls that it just doesn't sit right.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

22 and 23 Weeks

Again, a busy two weeks!

Last week we were in Jacksonville, FL. While we were in a blacklist mini putt putt golf place, I told Greg he needed to take my weekly belly pic and he decided the time to take the photo was right then. I forgot to have him take another one so that's all I have. :)

I can tell baby girl is definitely getting bigger. She has found my bladder to kick and her kicks in general have gotten so strong! Although she STILL hasn't let daddy feel her movements!

Braxton hicks have gotten so strong too. I actually talked to the dr about them because they've worried me a time or two. She said its normal for each pregnancy's BH to get stronger and stronger. Ive just been trying to stay hydrated so I know dehydration isn't the issue.

I have been addicted to lemonade lately. I can't get enough!! I have been getting Panera Bread's lately but just yesterday I decided to make my own using bottled lemon juice. The whole family loves it and now I can't keep it in the fridge.

Just today, I tried not taking unisom. This morning was touch and go as far as queasiness but thankfully I didn't actually vomit. I think I may be in the clear FINALLY! So excited for that.

Here are the two belly pics.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Lots of Weeks

Oh my goodness where has time been going?!

It has been a few weeks since I blogged - but we have still been taking pics!!

The kids - all three of them - got to feel baby girl during my 21st week. They were so excited and so was I! Greg still has yet to feel her though because you have to put your hand there at the right time. When he has tried, she's a stinker and stops moving or doesn't move strong enough for him to feel. Just in the last week though I feel like she's found her limbs for sure. Her movements are so much stronger this week compared to how they have been! Also, she's found my bladder in the last few days and has started kicking it! Not crazy about that. 

Not really a ton of stuff to update on. I think that's about it for now! Here's the belly pics. 
19 Weeks 

20 Weeks

21 Weeks

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pregnancy Comparison #1

It's that time again! ;)

I'm actually shocked I still have this dress. I bought it for Easter when I was like 15 or 16.

I didn't actually even wear it today. I just slipped it on for the picture. I'm not really comfortable with the way it fits me. Anyway, here's the photo :) Click on it for a larger view.

Gender Reveal Party

The gender reveal party was super fun! Greg and I found out at the ultrasound like we had with every other baby, and we just didn't tell anyone untill the party that evening. I recommend scheduling your party asap after your ultrasound! I didn't even like waiting the 8 hours to tell people - I can't imagine waiting days! This is us right before the ultrasound. 9 years ago for my ultrasound with Hunter, my friends Maryn and Jenny accompanied me since Greg was in Iraq. I had originally planned for all of us to wear pink, and then the night before the ultrasound, I felt like I'd be a terrible mom if we all wore pink and it ended up being a boy. So I switched to a neutral green, Maryn switched to blue, and Jenny stayed in pink. And so, the tradition was born. Every anatomy ultrasound since then, Greg has worn blue and I have worn pink (or purple.) Baby girl's ultrasound was no different, and our shirt colors also accurately showed what gender we were both SURE the baby was.
I searched Pinterest for most of my ideas that we had at the party. And our babysitter, Tabby, was amazing and stayed with me all day to help make all the food!
 Of course, we had a voting board. Looks like most people were correct! :)
 Our favors for games were full size Hershey bars.
 Here was our invite I designed.

 I thought bullets as decorations were fitting and so I also turned them into a game.

I also had a jar for name suggestions.

We had party popcorn, cake pops, and chocolate covered pretzels. (All were covered with Wilton candy melts.)

I made the cupcake toppers with my Silhouette. The crowns were gold glitter vinyl.
 We served hot dogs, cole slaw, chips, and baked beans. We set up tables outside on the patio. The weather was absolutely perfect!

I bought letter blocks from the Dollar Tree, and had two people go against each other. They had 45 seconds to build the highest tower that they could while being blindfolded. The winners won a Hershey bar.

And finally, the reveal. I found these poppers on clearance at Michaels (score!) and I covered them in black vinyl.

 I then filled them with paper confetti with the correct color, and let the kids pop them. Here's the video of the reveal :)