Thursday, March 31, 2016

10 Weeks

10 Weeks

Doubled digits, woohoo! I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and it's called the second trimester!

This week has kind of been a mini roller coaster. The first weeks days I was actually feeling pretty good. Not 100% but not the typical all day stomach ache/nausea. When I feel good in my first trimester, then I start to worry that something is wrong. I can't just enjoy it! Well, then Saturday afternoon I did throw up again, so that was reassurance for me haha. Then in the middle of the night Saturday night after intercourse, I spotted red when going to the bathroom. I wasn't really worried and read online that it can be normal because of all the extra bloodflow. Sunday I was fine with no spotting. Monday morning when I woke up and went to the bathroom I had more red spotting. It was only a little bit, but still made me nervous. I called my Drs office and they got me in for an ultrasound to check on things. I had an absolutely amazing ultrasound tech who let us record! Baby looked perfect, including heart rate, and was moving all over the place! They measured right at 9 weeks, 6 days, which is exactly how far along I was. Dr said everything looked great and chances of miscarriage lowers drastically once they see a healthy heartbeat on ultrasound. I've had no issues since then, and not even any spotting from the ultrasound. 

I forgot to mention this last week, but it's amazing the symptoms I have had this pregnancy that I never had with the others, like excessive saliva, and a constant bad taste in my mouth. I will get these symptoms and google them to discover they're normal in pregnancy. Never had them with the others. 

So that's pretty much been my week. Still taking diclegis because of the wonders it does. Hopefully I won't need it for too much longer though. 

I had my regular check up yesterday, and she said since they did the ultrasound and she was able to find the baby's heartbeat again on the Doppler, we can just have my next appointment be for our anatomy ultrasound at 18 weeks! Since we're going to a farther dr/hospital this pregnancy (about an hour and 15 mins away) I appreciated being able to skip one of the appointments, and I am counting down the days for May 24 to find out what we are having!!! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

9 Weeks

Yesterday marked 9 weeks in this pregnancy. I've been meaning to blog for a couple weeks now and the weeks have just gotten away from me! I guess that's good in the first trimester, right?

Since the day I found out, I've been treating this pregnancy as my last. I have told Greg for years that I wanted at least one more because I just didn't get to enjoy Gunnar's infancy as my last becuase he was so close in age to Kylee. I had a 15 month old when he was born, so if he was happy and content in the bouncer, I had to just leave him there.

But the age difference between Hunter and Gunnar is the exact age difference, to the month, that will be between Gunnar and the new baby - 4.5 years. My kids are so much older and independent now that we all will definitely get to enjoy and soak up every bit of this baby!

So anyway, we found out we were pregnant at exactly 5 weeks, on a Tuesday. By Sunday, I was already getting all day nausea. This is definitely the earliest morning sickness has reared its ugly head. By the next week, I was throwing up multiple times a day, which is typical for my first trimesters. Oddly enough though, even when I lost 15 pounds in my first trimester with Gunnar, they never gave me anything for my nausea. About 1.5 weeks ago, around 7.5 weeks, I called the doctor's office and asked if they could see me to give me medicine because I just couldn't function enough to care for myself, let alone my 3 kids.

They got me in the very next day and gave me this glorious stuff called "Diclegis." It's half b6, half unisom. Of course it has its side effects, including drowsiness, so that means I have to take it at night. I take 2 nightly, and have been for almost a week now, every night. If I miss a day, it's almost like I need to build it back in my system again. It is causing constipation (keepin' it real, here, folks!) So I've had to be diligent with taking in coconut oil and stuff to combat it. The medicine definitely keeps me from throwing up (for the most part) but I still get a stomach ache after eating. I have found that carbs (bagels, bread, potatoes, etc) sit really well with a pretty mild stomach ache. So if I gain 10 pounds this trimester, there will be no question why! Currently though, I'm actually a pound or two under prepregnancy weight.

I have hopes that the morning sickness will end earlier since it started earlier, but time will tell. I have actually felt decent yesterday and today which has been nice so that I can get things done, but at the same time, I of course worry that something might be wrong. My first real appointment is next Wednesday, and they'll try to listen for the heartbeat and everything, so hoping I get to hear that sweet sound!

I definitely have a belly. And some may just go with it and say to show it off being that it's my 4th pregnancy. And some days I do. I'm sure it's mostly bloat because the baby is only the size of a grape, but I definitely do believe  you show faster with each one because your body is like, "oh hey, I remember this!" I won't be posting belly pics for a few more weeks though.

Here are links to my other 9 week pregnancies from my last 2 children if you're interested in comparing...

2nd baby:

3rd baby:

I guess there isn't much to compare for 9 weeks. I'll post other links though as I get further along. First trimesters are always really rough for me and I have a hard time blogging.

We're Pregnant Again!

We're pregnant again!!

Guess what?! We're going to have another baby!! :)

I've planned to blog all about it since I kept the blog up to date with Kylee and Gunnar's pregnancy and time has just gotten away from me. I mean really, my last blog was over two years ago. We are just pure busy these days with the kids getting older and us being involved in more activities, and with my business, Sew Cute by Emma. I have been diligent about keeping my Etsy shop up to date this year and it is definitely paying off!

ANYWAY...we have not used any prevention in about 3 years and although I've taken many tests (mostly because I liked to convince myself there was a possibility of being pregnant) I never was. This was a totally different experience from our others. We conceived all of our other children so quickly. Hunter happened the first month, our miscarriage happened 3 months after I stopped taking the pill, and then Kylee happened 3 months after that. And Gunnar, we weren't even trying, since Kylee was only 6 months old! So for us to go three years without using anything and not conceive, it was definitely different!! It gave me such perspective into friends' lives who struggle with infertility. It's such a different hurt when it's totally out of your control. It really helped show/remind me though that God is in control and I can trust Him with our family size. If I really believe He is a big enough God to hold the world in His hands, control our finances, big decisions, etc, why can't I trust Him with our family size? Why do I feel that I have the right to say, "oh yes, God, I know you can handle my finances, and where we should work/live, but I know best when it comes to how many children we should have." The Bible says over and over that children are a blessing from the Lord. And sure, if He wants to, he can make anyone conceive, no matter what kind of prevention they're using, but why would God give someone a blessing if they're not being obedient? ...stepping off my soapbox...although this is my blog, so it's the best place for that, right?

So anyway, we certainly weren't "trying," but we had had conversations that if the Lord did decide to bless us again, we would take it. Well, when we bought our house last June, we sold all of our baby stuff! (Isn't that how it works?) It had been 2.5 years of us not conceiving and we saw no point in keeping/moving it. I had come to a point where I didn't think we'd have another one. Even though my heart wanted another one so badly. 

Anyway, fast forward to the end of February. My cycles certainly aren't regular. They can range anywhere from 30-40 days, but they do average to about 34 days. Around 31 days or so, I'd been having the pulling/punching feeling in my lower abdomen sporadically. I do get that now before I start though, so I didn't think much of it, because it usually means I'll start within a day or two, but it kept on for days. By day 33-34 I started to wonder, because of its consistently and intensity. I bought an 88¢ test the evening of the 34th just so I could see a negative result and move on with my life. I woke up about 5am on day 35, which was February 23, because I had to pee. I thought about taking the test but wasn't up for the disappointment so I didn't take it. I woke again at 8am and decided to take it so I could put the wondering out of my mind and know I was going to start. I took it, then looked at the directions to be reminded of how long I was supposed to wait before reading the results. In about 10 seconds, I found my answer (3 minutes.) I couldn't help it and I glanced at the test. I saw the faintest of lines, and thought my eyes were tricking me. But the more I looked at it, the darker the line got. Within 20-30 seconds, there was no question it was a positive.

 I walked in my bedroom and just kept repeating, "oh my goodness, oh my goodness." I just couldn't believe it! We had co-op at noon, which meant we wouldn't see daddy until dinner time and I just knew I couldn't wait that long to tell him. I had enough patience (even though my hands wouldn't stop shaking!) to whip up a shirt for Gunnar, and we went to Toyota to show daddy his new shirt. When we got there, I took his sweatshirt off, Greg read it, and just had a look of shock. He said, "are you serious?"

 And I said, "yes, and I brought the test in case you didn't believe me." Haha. We told the kids right then too and they were so excited!

Greg said he didn't care who I told, so I pretty much told the whole world! haha. At co-op in the sign language class I help out in, the teacher was passing out conversation hearts for an activity, and this is the one that she just happened to give me. I absolutely loved it. :)
It's been 4 weeks since we found out, and it has been so fun with older kids. They are so interested in the daily development of the baby and ask every day what's happening. My What to Expect app has a weekly video update with the development and Kylee wakes me up in Tuesdays to ask to watch the video!! Greg is still adjusting to the idea, but I know he will come around. :) I can't wait to hear the heartbeat (hopefully next week!) and definitely for the ultrasound because I know that will help him get more used to the idea too. 

Greg thinks it's a boy. I did too until about last week, because I just think, so far at least, that this pregnancy has been more like Kylee's than the boys'. Time will tell though! :)

Stay tuned for weekly updates, although I won't be offended if you don't stick around. I'm mostly just blogging for myself. It's been awesome to go back to previous pregnancy posts and compare this one to Kylee and Gunnar's.