Friday, April 27, 2012


Here is my birth story with Gunnar, for those of you who are interested:

For the few nights preceding the night I went to the hospital, I was awoken by timetable contractions. They weren't painful, but definitely uncomfortable. They started out the first night about 25 minutes apart, then the second night were about 15-20 minutes apart. The next day, which was Thursday, I had contractions that were 15 minutes apart for much of the day, but they were still mild and would get even more mild if I were resting. 

Thursday night, I was awoken by contractions that were 10 minutes apart. 

That next day, Friday, I had them throughout the whole day, but they were still mild that I'd have to sit to notice them. They gradually got closer together and were 7 minutes apart by the afternoon. In the evening they were 6 minutes apart, but still totally bearable. I was really confused at this point because I'd imagined contractions this close together to be unbearable where I knew we needed to get to the hospital. But mine were so mild that I didn't know if we should go in or not. We go to church with one of the labor and delivery nurses at the New Bern hospital, so I spoke with her that night. She told me that if they're consistently 5 minutes apart, even after drinking a big glass of water and resting, to go in, because I'd already been 3 cm dilated that Tuesday before. Once I laid down for that evening to go bed, they weren't noticeable. 

I woke up on Saturday and laid in bed for a while to time what I was feeling. I was having on and off period-like back pain (which is what I mostly felt the precious days-all the pain was in my back) coming in 5-6 minute waves. Hunter had his very first soccer game that morning though and at this point, I wasn't going to miss it, even if it meant going to the hospital from the game!

The whole day, they continued at 5 minutes apart but I wanted the kids to get a nap and Greg had an errand to run. Even though I felt silly because they were no where near painful, after naps we packed the kids up, took them to the babysitters', and headed to the hospital. 

After registration and all that hoopla, I was finally hooked up to a monitor just before 7. Since we arrived right at shift-change, we just waited for the new nurse while my contractions were monitored. She came in and said, although mild, it was picking up consistent contractions at 5 minutes apart. When she checked me, she said I was dilated to an easy 4, and 70% effaced. (I'd only been a 3 and 10% effaced on Tuesday.) She said they would probably keep me but the doctor had to make the final decision. When he came in and she told him my progress from Tuesday, he agreed to keep me! He said they would break my water and see how things went from then, and if needed, they'd use pitocin to speed things along. 

My nurse knew I wasn't getting an epidural, and so I said I'd like to avoid pitocin because of that. She said she was fine with that, even if it took all night. 

At about 8:30, the doctor finally broke my water. After that, I gradually felt the contractions grow in their intensity for the next couple hours. I just had to breathe through them and then I was fine in between. 

About 10pm, I decided to get out of the bed and sit on the birthing ball which was way more comfortable and then Greg would push on the small of my back (where most of my pain was) to alleviate some of the pain during contractions. 

At 11:30, I was only a 5 (yet in a LOT of pain) so I decided to walk to try to bring him down. When I had a contraction, I had to lean on Greg and I'd put my head on his stomach and just breathe through them. I tried the birthing ball for a bit more after walking got too painful. I even sat on the potty chair for a few contractions because I actually felt like that position was helping move him down. 

At 1:00am, I was in too much pain and I decided to get an IV med. My nurse checked me and said I was about a 6 and gave me Nubain, but because it makes you loopy, she said I had to lay in bed. She warned that I might still be feeling it when it was time to push (because I'd said earlier that I didn't want to be loopy while pushing) but at that point I didn't care. If it was going to take the edge off of the contractions, I wanted it. 

For the next half hour, I laid in the bed and had the weirdest, Nubain-induced thoughts in between contractions. Around 1:20 though I could feel that he was definitely getting close. I beared the next couple contractions, and then during one of them, I could feel him right there and I felt like I wanted to push. I managed to say "call her" to Greg and he pressed the call button. All he said to her was, "She just told me to call you!" Thankfully, my nurse had taken us seriously when we told her how fast Kylee came. She rushed in, checked me and said, "Are you ready to have a baby?" It was 1:31 at that time, and after 2 contractions, Gunnar was born at 1:38am on April 15th, weighing 8 lbs 2 oz and was 21 inches long. 

It was certainly painful with no epidural, but recovery (at least at the hospital) seemed to be much better. I was already up and showered the next morning, just 6 hours after giving birth. And I had no chance of crazy side-effects during the postpartum period. I had nerve damage from Kylee's epidural for months afterward. It's so nice to not have to worry about that. 

I can't see myself getting another epidural with future labors. I did it once - why go back?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Update from the Wehrman Household

The older siblings like their baby brother. Hunter will give him kisses and head rubs every so often, although he's not as interested in him as he was Kylee. I think it's because he already has another sibling who is old enough to interact and play with him so sibling #2 isn't quite as interesting. We have had some behavioral issues this week with him though. He's never been a fan of any kind of change so I wonder if it's just his way of adjusting. He really does love Gunnar though, and gives him the sweetest kisses and hugs.

Kylee is learning how to be "nice." At first, she just wanted to attack him like he was a new baby doll but we're teaching her to be nice as she rubs his head. However, her new nickname around here is the "little monster." We can't put any baby things in her reach because she'll claim them as her own. I have the Pack 'n Play permanently set up in the living room because I know that's one place I can put Gunnar where she can't get to him and snatch his pacifier or body slam him or something. But really, she's not bothered by him. I think she just enjoys all the new stuff to play with. 

 Gunnar is doing great. He is a wonderful third-born. 

He eats well; nursing is going great. He only lost 5 ounces in the hospital and had already gained 3 of it back at his first weight check two days later. He sleeps well too. Out of all three, we had the best first night home from the hospital with him. He slept most of the night. There was only about an hour of awake time. That's how the whole week has been. We haven't had one sleepless night! Lord willing, it will continue that way.
I'm doing ok. My mom left today so I've been by myself since around noon. My dumb hormones that are trying to figure themselves out caused a couple of meltdowns, but I know it'll pass. I keep thinking about how we weren't even trying for Gunnar so the Lord obviously wanted us to have him. And I know that I can lean on Him for the strength I need. I've been trying to remember that as much as possible. I know once I'm back to feeling 100% and we're in a routine, things will be much easier.
We have had so much help since Gunnar came into the world. Our friends, the Goodfellows, were a huge help while we were in the hospital. They watched Hunter and Kylee while we were there, and when we came home from the hospital, we found Gary mowing our front and backyard. This is a HUGE help to Greg, since he has to mow our half-acre lot with a push mower with a broken self-propel. They also planted flowers along our sidewalk to the front porch. A few weeks ago, I ripped up the plants that were there because they were terribly overgrown and ugly, but I never got a chance to plant anything there. I love the flowers they planted, and they even put in a tomato plant, too! I'm excited for fresh tomatoes. :) It's dark out now so I can't get a picture, but I'll post one as they get bigger and really bloom. We also had a sign on our front door, and Kayla made Gunnar a little sock baby. :) 
Thankfully, my mom was able to come into town for the week and was such a huge help while she was here. She  cooked and cleaned and took care of the little monster, and she let me take naps too! Then for this week, people from our Sunday School class are providing meals so I don't need to worry about dinners. We also had very generous friends who attend different church get together with their small group and gave us a ton of groceries, gas cards and grocery store gift cards. Since Greg works on commission, his next paycheck will be really tight because of the time he took off, but because of our wonderful friends, we'll be able to make it through the tight paycheck. God is so good!

That's it for now. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us as we learn to adjust to being a family of 5.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

While, in a perfect world, I'd have the time to update my blog with posts in the order that they're happening, that's just not realistic. So when I have more time, I will blog the details of labor (for those interested) and let you know how we're all doing. 

In the mean time, know that we're all home and doing well...just trying to adjust to being a family of 5! For now, here's some random pictures from the last few days. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hello World, My Name Is...

Gunnar Glen Wehrman!

He's Here!

Baby boy Wehrman was born at 1:38am. He weighs 8lbs 2oz, and is 21 inches long. Once big brother and big sister get to meet him in the morning and find out his name, the rest of the world will too. :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm in Labor!

I'm updating before he's here and I don't remember all these details anymore.

I've been having contractions on and off for about 3 days, but yesterday they started to be pretty consistent. They were 7 minutes apart yesterday but still bearable. This morning they were 6 minutes apart but I was determined to go to Hunter's first soccer game. After that, they were 5 minutes apart all day. We kept going about our day though because they were totally bearable. I wouldn't even say painful, just uncomfortable. But I spoke with a l&d nurse who said if they're 5 minutes apart even when I lay down to come in because I was already 3 cm at my last appt.

Even though I felt a bit silly, since it was mainly just like period back pain that came in 5 minute waves, we decided to come in. They monitored for a bit and saw the contractions that were 5 minutes apart, and when the nurse checked me, she said I was 4 cm and 70% effaced. The dr came in and was given the information and said they would keep me. I had my water broken about 8:30 and the contractions have been getting progressively more painful so I'm sure this is the last you'll hear from me before we have a sweet baby boy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pregnancy Comparison 5

 (click on the picture for a larger view...if you'd actually like to see my monstrous belly any bigger.)

Well, there's only two photos to compare since I was induced before my due date with Kylee. I think it's safe to say that I was big everywhere with Hunter in comparison to this one. Yikes, I was huge! I was 25 lbs heavier at this point with Hunter. Thank goodness that's not the case this time!

40 Weeks

Well, here we are. Today is my due date.

And I'm still pregnant. And it's almost I'm thinking it's safe to say that he'll be overdue.

I had my regular doctor appointment yesterday. She said I was 3 cm dilated, but he's still at -2 station, and I'm only 10% effaced. But she said my cervix is soft, so hopefully it'll start to thin out too. I asked about induction since he's only getting bigger the longer he stays in there, and she said the dr won't even consider induction before 41 weeks, regardless of the fact that Hunter was 10lb 8 oz. She said statistics don't show correlation in size with siblings, and that statistics DO show a higher risk of emergency c-sections with inductions before the 41 week mark. I cried right there in the dr's office. I know it was silly, but my hormones got the best of me, I guess.

I left there really disappointed because I was really hoping for an induction date. But as the day went on, I became level-headed again and remembered that I told myself I didn't want induction with this one. So I have an appointment scheduled for Monday to talk about induction, but Lord willing, I won't make it that far and won't have to worry about it.

And this morning from about 5-7 am, I was awoken by multiple contractions, and then would fall back asleep in between them. I had them on and off during the morning too, but only about 2 an hour. This afternoon I'm not sure I noticed any except when I laid down for a bit. Then at church tonight, I noted 2 during the preaching. So I wonder if they're noticeable when I'm resting but when I'm up and busy, I just pass them off as Braxton Hicks. But when I do have one, I know it's real. It's definitely an actual contraction. So how we just need them to get stronger and closer together. I'm ready for my baby boy!
Here's this week's pic:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

39 Weeks

39 we are. Today is the day in my pregnancy that I was induced with Kylee. But since it's 9:45 at night, it's not looking good that baby boy will be making his entrance today.

I had my ultrasound this past Monday. Baby boy is, indeed, head down, and his estimated weight was 8lb 4oz. The dr said my amniotic fluid levels are on the low side of normal but nothing to be concerned about. However, that's probably why I'm measuring small. But she said everything looks good, so we just continue to wait for labor!

I have been having contractions and cramping for days. I'm pretty uncomfortable at this point but I'm not in full blown labor. Today though, I didn't feel myself all day. I was nauseous most of the day and I just didn't feel normal. I don't know how to explain it more than that. I don't know if it actually means anything, I just know I don't feel right. I went to church tonight and had a couple women tell me I look lower...I sure hope so! Hopefully my nausea means something but only time will tell. Do you think I look lower?

I've been trying to fix my attitude the last couple days too. I was getting like many pregnant women do at the end and I just wanted to be done and have my baby and I was grumpy because of it. I've come to my senses though (mostly) and I really want to have the right attitude in these last days. We weren't even trying for this baby, yet God decided to bless us with him. Who am I to tell God He's taking too long in when this child is to be born? And I know in a few weeks when he's here, I'm going to wish time would slow down. No need to rush these last days with him in my belly. I've been trying to soak up extra cuddles from the other two, also. Hunter remembers Kylee being born, so this should be an easier transition for him, but Kylee isn't going to be the baby anymore very soon! I've been snuggling with her at night getting some extra love while she's still the baby.

My next appointment is Tuesday the 10th. That's the day before my due date. We'll see if I make it that far!

Goofy Boys!

Monday, April 2, 2012

March Goal Recap and April Goal

March Goals 
*Wash all newborn linens for baby boy. This includes sheets, blankets, clothes, diapers, etc. Success! Considering my due date is in 9 days, I'd be stupid to not have this done!
*Get dresser to put clothes in. Success! And if you missed my post about it, I actually got it for FREE from Freecycle! It's totally ready to go with all his clothes in it.
*Clean out our new truck. Success, although I can't take too much credit for this one! Greg did most of the work. He did all the wipe down with Armor All wipes. I did borrow a carpet cleaner from Jenny and I spot cleaned the carpets though. And I seriously LOVE our truck. Every time I drive it, I think that. The Lord is so good, and I love our new vehicle that has lots of room for lots more babies. ;)
*Memorize 2 more verses, and still remember the last 8. Success! I memorized Romans 12:14 and Ephesians 6:11 this month.
*Read Proverbs 31 every day. Every day? Not quite. But I did read it often. I really like starting my day out with it to remind me of how I should be throughout my day in order to be a Godly, productive wife.
*Nest! Success! My house is clean and I've been really anal about keeping it neat every day too so that if, when labor does come, we have to rush out of the house, I can come home to a clean, straightened house.
*Make at least 4 meals to freeze for after baby boy comes. Technically this is a fail, because I didn't do 4 meals. I did, however, do 3, so it will still be a help after he comes.

April Goal
*Have a sweet baby boy with no epidural.

That is all. I'm looking forward to blogging that it went successfully next month! :)