Wednesday, July 28, 2010

14 Weeks

I felt like the first trimester took SO long, but now I can't believe I'm 14 weeks already! I asked Greg to take my 14 week pictures last night, and I questioned myself when I said it, wondering if 14 was the right number because it seems so high already!

I'm really feeling good pretty much the whole day now. It feels SO good to say that!

I've gotten to hear the baby's heartbeat 3 times at my appointments so far. Each time it's been in the high 150s-160s. Nice and healthy! The first couple times they had a hard time finding it, but they said that's normal early on because my uterus is still tucked behind my pelvic bone so they kind of have to get behind the bone, but that, soon, my uterus will tip forward because of its growing size. At my appointment on Monday, she put the doppler on my belly, and got the heartbeat almost instantly! So I think this means that my uterus it tipping forward like they said which also means my belly will get bigger too!

Also exciting news, I think I felt the baby last night! I was laying in bed when we were going to sleep, and I felt constant fluttering right where the baby is. It's the best feeling EVER! :)

As far as my hyperthyroidism appointment with the endocrinologist isn't until September 13th! That's the earliest they had; isn't that ridiculous!? Anyway, the normal hormone range for a thyroid is 4-12, and mine is 14. So to me, that sounds like a mild case of hyperthyroidism. So, I decided to google natural remedies for it this morning since it could only help! Apparently cabbage family vegetables are supposed to lower the thyroid function along with peaches and pears. It said that Vitamin B12 deficiencies may give raise to hyperthyroidism. So this is just one more reason for me to be eating healthy and taking my vitamins! I am going to shoot for at least one serving a day of one of the foods listed, and then see how things look in September at my appointment. I figure it can only help!

I am SOOOO excited for this weekend. We will be travelling to New Bern to visit friends and go to a cutie pie's one year birthday party. I am also excited because two of my friends who lived there when we did are also pregnant. Keri is due January 21st, Jenny is due the 23rd, and I'm due the 25th! How crazy is that? This will be the only time we'll be in the same place together during our pregnancies though, so I'm excited for that.

I'll be sure to get pictures of our growing bellies together!! :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

13 Weeks

13 WEEKS! THE SECOND TRIMESTER! It's so exciting!

For those of you that haven't been pregnant before (men and women included,) the second trimester is typically the best out of the three because you feel (mostly) normal. Morning sickness subsides, and you're stomach isn't too big to get in the way and make you uncomfortable all the time. Here's my 13 week pictures (please excuse all the junk on the floor in the pictures!)...

In other pregnancy news, it's been an eventful week, but not necessarily in a good way. Long story short, after many trips to a general practitioner, I found out that I have hyperthyroidism. What is that, you ask? I'm not 100% sure yet, but I know it means my thyroid is in overdrive. The side effects are an increased heart rate and metabolism, trouble sleeping, and intolerance to heat (as if 100+ degrees isn't bad enough!). There are many other symptoms, I just can't recall them right now. Anyway, I have to see an Endocrinologist (aka a thyroid specialist) and they will put me on medication to fix the problem. Thankfully, with my labwork that came back determining that I have it shows that I seem to have a mild case of it. Also, I was able to talk to my OB/GYN yesterday about it and he said HYPERthyroidism during pregnancy is better than HYPOthyroidism, so I guess I'll take the better of the two! And since it showed up during pregnancy, we're hoping that it disappears after pregnancy! We just have to pray, wait and see though.

Also, I had my appointment yesterday to check out the bump on my stomach that I'd mentioned to my dr. He did an abdominal ultrasound checking out all my organs and everything, and he didn't see anything abnormal. He also didn't feel any masses anywhere. So, he said to keep watching it, and pay attention to any non-pregnancy symptoms that might show up. So, we're praying it's nothing!

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So I've slowly been working on unpacking (mostly) all our boxes in this house. We've decided we're going to stay here until we either buy a house, or move somewhere else because of another job. We are thankful for this job and know it's a great place for Greg to start out, because the dealership is great with new techs that have a lot to learn, but we don't know that we want to retire here. We're just not crazy about the area.

Anyway, one box that I finally got to unpack that's been packed up for months is our games! So, I made Greg play dominoes with me the other night. Hunter was still up, so he "helped" too. And he did really well! I would decide which tile I wanted to play, and then I would hand it to him and he had to find where it's match on the table was. He loved it too. I just can't believe how big my bug is getting! And, it helped me find another activity for school for us to do. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So...I'm unemployed.

It's been a weird week. Last Friday was when it started. My boss told me she wasn't going to work, and since I'm a nanny, that means I have the day off too. The same thing happened on Monday, but Tuesday morning came along and I didn't hear from her so I assumed that meant I was working. Hunter and I showed up at the house, and there was no one there. Apparently she didn't need me that day either. So then Wednesday, yesterday, I texted her asking if she needed me and she said she didn't but I could come get my pay from last week. So, when I picked it up, she said she's taking a leave of absense from work and didn't know when she'd be going back.

I'm not really holding my breath about going back though. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I haven't been enjoying the job lately, so I'm not sad that I don't have to go anymore. I've suddenly become a stay at home mom again, which I absolutely love. Between work and pregnancy, I've been too tired to keep up with the housework like I used to, so I'm able to do that again. I haven't done any preschool curriculum with Hunter since I got the job back in April, so this morning, we started that again too. There's lots of plusses to this! :) The only minus is the lack of pay. We obviously do like paying our bills, and we're short every month if I'm not working. However, that's never stopped God in the past, so I'm continuing to trust, and looking for jobs where I know to look. The biggest issue is finding someone that will hire a 3 month pregnant woman.

So that's that. This will leave me more time for blogging! And I'm also excited about having the time and energy to finish unpacking the rest of the house too.

I'd like to continue blogging about preschool like I was in the stay tuned for more posts on that. :)


Hunter singing ABC's...I tried to be as quiet as possible...I know it's not about me!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

12 Weeks

12 weeks!!! We're at 12 weeks. Only one more week until the wonderful 2nd trimester...oh, how I have been longing for it! Almost there! :)

Here's my belly pics for the week. I feel like I look really thin on top. I'm not sure if it's the angle, or if I've lost more weight. The last time I weighed myself I'd lost 5 pounds, but that was weeks ago, so I'm not quite sure. Anyway, here they are!

Oh, and exciting news...a lady that Greg works with asked him if I was pregnant when she saw me go into his work one day. I am SO excited that I'm starting to look pregnant, and not like I just ate too much at lunch. YAY!

First Dr's Appointment

It went GREAT! It was strictly just an ultrasound, and a quick Q&A with the doctor.
I was a little nervous right before the ultrasound only because the last few ultrasounds I had (with my previous pregnancy) were never good ones. However, as soon as he started, you could see a perfect developing baby!
Greg got out of work to go to the appointment yesterday. I was so glad because he didn't get to go to much with Hunter since he was deployed. However, it was touch and go there for a few minutes, because we had Hunter, and they don't even allow children in the waiting room (because of germs) let alone into the patient rooms. But, thankfully, they made an exception and Greg and Hunter were snuck in through a back room and allowing to be there for the ultrasound. This does present an issue of finding childcare for all of my appointments, since I don't know ANYONE, but I'm praying I find someone.

Baby Wehrman is measuring perfectly at 11 weeks, 6 days, which is exactly how far along I was yesterday for the ultrasound.

The Dr even did a 3d ultrasound! He said he doesn't normally do it, and this would probably be the last one, but we definitely enjoyed it! Even Hunter loved it. I've been telling him there's a baby in mom's belly, and then yesterday, I told him we were going to get to see the baby on tv. He got a kick out of it! :)

So, baby looks great and I have another routine appointment next week. However, I do have a bump on my belly that I mentioned to the dr, so I have ANOTHER appointment in two weeks because he wants to do an abdominal ultrasound to see what's causing the bump. Your prayers that it's nothing are really appreciated!!

I am 12 weeks today, so I'll be posting 12 week belly pics soon...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lots of Weeks

I have been so terrible, I KNOW! Ever since I've been working full time (since the kids are out of school for the summer) I have a hard enough time finding time to do all the housework, let alone finding time to blog. Also, Greg's truck decided to break down earlier this week, so this means getting everyone up at 6:30 to take him to work. That makes for one zombie-like pregnant woman, and one crabby two year old! We're praying Greg finds a good priced transmission soon! In addition to all that, we just moved this past weekend! It's been a crazy couple of weeks! As promised though, I'll post pictures of the new house after we're all unpacked.
Anyway, here are 9 week pictures...
10 weeks...
And 11 weeks...

I am excited that we are officially in uncharted territory with Greg experiencing the pregnancy. He was deployed when I was 9.5 weeks with Hunter. Also, Only 1.5 weeks until the second trimester. YAY!!
This next picture was just because. Baby is the size of a plum, and so while we were at the grocery store, I made Greg snap this photo. :)

I finally got approved for insurance, PRAISE GOD! And my first dr's appointment is Monday, where we'll have our first ultrasound! I am SO excited, and don't worry, I will DEFINITELY be posting pictures! :)