Friday, September 2, 2016

31 and 32 Weeks

I can't believe how fast these weeks are going! I can't keep up with blogging through them!!

In the 31st week I felt decent. No sciatic nerve pain and no pressure between my legs, and I'm totally convinced that it's because baby was turned sideways. I'm pretty confident she turned back to head down a few days back because all of the sudden my nerve has been bothering me and I feel the pressure from the weight of her between my legs.

I am so tired. RLS is here most nights which makes it almost impossible to fall asleep. I've taken Benadryl a couple times in the last week or so and it makes it slightly less miserable. Aside from that though, I feel decent for being 32 weeks along. I've been THMing about 75% of the time and I can definitely tell the benefits of it. When I eat off plan, my rings get tighter and I just have no energy. I'm so thankful for the way THM is presented that made me feel like it was possible for me to eat whole foods and helped me fully understand it.

Here's the belly pics!

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