Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Busy Busy

So I have been away for a little while.
The last couple weeks have been super busy for me. At least it seems that way. I haven't found enough time for all my household chores, let alone time for blogging.

This past weekend flew by, and I told Greg it felt like I was only home to sleep. He said, "you were."
If I wasn't working, we were car shopping. I'm not sure why, all of the sudden, we decided to go on the hunt for a new car, but we did. Since about a year after we got our VW Jetta, we looked for a car to replace it with. After Hunter was born, we REALLY wanted a new car, because the carseat didn't fit in it very well at ALL. I had to have my seat almost all the way up, and I was basically sitting on the dashboard. We were also just leasing the car, and only have 5,000 miles left on the lease but 11 months until we were due to turn it in. We were really worried about riding out the lease and going wayyy over in miles.

Anyway, after lots of praying, test driving, and negotiating, we FINALLY found a new car! We kind of found it by accident too. We were leaving yet another dealership "empty handed" last week one night, and decided to pull into the Saturn dealership that was right next store to check out the Outlook (which is, one day, EXACTLY what we want.) We were greeted by this super friendly salesman who we LOVED. We told him what we were looking for and he told us he would find the perfect SUV for us. I was so impressed that he was willing to listen to what we wanted in a vehicle, and not just sell us a certain one that they wanted off the lot. So, we told him we'd be back the next day to check out their vehicles. Long story short, we were able to trade in our VW and get an '09 Pontiac Torrent, for the same monthly payment we were paying on the Jetta. It has 11,000 miles on it so we were able to get it for a used car price, but it's in awesome shape. We are both very excited about it, and both feel that it's the car that God intended for us. And it has so much more room than the Jetta had. And it's black and gorgeous!!
Anyway, we're very excited. :)


  1. Yay for great deals! I felt the same way when I traded in Jim's car for his new one. Hunter looks mighty happy too! He looks so much more like a little boy now. Tell him David says hi! Enjoy your new ride!

  2. Congrats on the new vehicle! We have had 7 Saturns and they have all been good cars. I'm sure you will enjoy it.