Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Virginia Beach - Here We Come!

Ok, so I have been a bad blogger! I know I haven't updated this much in a few weeks, but let me tell you why!
We move from Phoenix, AZ to Virginia Beach, VA in 3 DAYS!
Greg's last day of school is today, and we got a wonderful job offer in VA.

Let me start by saying that the job process is all done through his school. He made a list of all the Volvo dealerships in the country that he would be interested in working at. His final list ended up being 19 items long, with 18 of them in the South (#19 was in Metro Detroit, where we're both from and was thrown in there as a last resort.) Our #1 choice was Charleston, SC. We loved living in the South and having the beach right there, but we wanted a bigger town than New Bern, yet one that still had Southern Hospitality. The rest of the dealerships where scattered throughout NC, SC, TN, etc. #18 was Virginia Beach, and Greg said he actually just threw that one on there to make the list longer, lol. So anyway, he turned in his list of dealerships he was interested in, and the school sent out his resume to everyone on the list. After resumes were sent out, it was Greg's job to call them and follow up and see if they're hiring. However, VA Beach called the school and said they wanted Greg to work for them! We still talked to our other top 5 (or so) dealerships to see if they were hiring though. None of them were, so that was just more confirmation that God wants us in VA Beach.

When God brought us out here to Phoenix, we thought we were just waiting for Audi's specialty school to start. Greg had been accepted, but they had postponed his start date so we just had to wait for them to start up again. Then, after moving here and about 2 months of waiting, we got a call saying that they decided to close the school indefinitely. Greg's only option was to attend Volvo's specialty school. There was lots of questioning when we were going through all of that, but I trusted that God's original plan all along was for Greg to become a Volvo mechanic and this was just the only way for Him to get us to agree to it. ;) So now that we have a wonderful job offer in VA Beach, at a dealership that said they specifically want Greg, I trust that we're still in the Lord's will. My prayer is that we will fall in love with VA Beach (even though Greg is a little disappointed that our winters may have snow in them) and we can settle down there, find a church we love, and raise our children there. Although we wanted to be farther south, I'm at least thankful the Lord is giving us the beach! :)


  1. "#19 was in Metro Detroit, where we're both from and was thrown in there as a last resort." Nice ;)
    Loving that you'll only be a days drive away!

  2. Hey Emma! I grew up going to VA Beach every summer! It's a great place, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.