Friday, June 24, 2011

Awesome Friends

I have amazing friends.

Sometimes these amazing friends, for none other reason than the fact that they're totally awesome, do nice things for me.

This week, I received a package in the mail from Brenda.

Bren had her first baby girl just a few weeks after Kylee was born, and she too, has been bit by the crafting bug.

Inside this box, aside from a very sweet letter that I'll keep forever, was tons of crafty stuff! My favorite item was a homemade (by Bren) pocket diaper made especially for my sweet miss! (Brenda even made sure it would fit by asking for Kylee's measurements "to compare to her daughter's." Sneaky, sneaky!) She also included prints of the pattern for the diaper (in case I wanted to make it myself, which I will be doing!), little storage bins, a Ziploc bag FULL of ribbon, and lots of other stuff.

Let's go back to that ribbon. Oh boy...have I been busy. For a few days, when if my children nap at the same time, I've been making bows. I've had some ribbon of my own that I'd been meaning to use so I pulled that out, and I also repaired some of my older ones.

I made these.And these.This one was made especially for Independence Day.

And before I go on, I have a question. Is it possible to be in love with a hair bow??
Please don't judge me. I have an addiction to adorable bows.

Anyway, I have made many many more bows!!

I love seeing her holder with all of them on it!
Why yes, I only have one daughter. Why do you ask?

Thanks Bren!!!


  1. You are on a bow rampage! I love it! That pocket diaper is AWESOME! I love Kylee's arms! Oh and I love you too!