Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kylee's 2nd Birthday

Kylee has been 2 for over a month now...but here's the details from her party a few weeks ago.

We had a Minnie Mouse party. Here were the invites:

I bought black cardstock and fun polka dotted paper and a spool of ribbon for the bows. Tada!

For the party, I made Minnie ears for the girls,

and Mickey ears for the boys.
 I used this tutorial except I didn't cover the foam in felt.

Since it was supposed to be like Minnie's Bowtique in her show, I wanted bows everywhere. I bought a big pack of multicolored foam and cut them into an hourglass shape like this:

And then we (as in my mom, Jenny, and I) wrapped the end behind, stapled it, and hot glued different kinds of ribbon on the center. I used acrylic paint to decorate some of the bows too. Then I bought dowel rods, we painted them pink, and attached the bows to them and they went in vases with tissue paper in the bottom for support. We placed the bows everywhere, and even attached some to curling ribbon and hung them in different places!
 In the end, I think we counted 53 bows!

I plan to hang them all over Kylee's room now that the party is over and her room can have a Minnie theme!

Instead of cake, we did cupcakes!

 Regular and mini Oreos, with a Fruit by the Foot bow!

We also did Minnie and Mickey marshmallow pops!
 I bought a package of pink Wilton's Chocolate Melts, and we dipped the tip of the marshmallow and rolled it in sugar (pink for Minnie and red for Mickey.) I used a bit of the melted chocolate to act as glue to hold up the ears, and the Minnies got a bow just like the cupcakes.

 I made a Minnie wreath the hang above the food table. I got the idea from this blog, except I cut up a black tablecloth into strips and tied that on, instead of using ribbon. I used the end of a pink tablecloth for the bow. The wreath is now hanging above Kylee's bed.

 Kylee had SUCH a wonderful time and was so excited during party preparations when we were turning the house into a Bowtique. She kept running around pointing all of them out!
Thank you to everyone who helped make this sweet girl's birthday so wonderful!

 ...If you have any questions on how I made anything just let me know!...

10 Months

I know I keep saying it, but for real, I can't believe how big my baby is! 

He is FINALLY crawling! And with that, he is into EVERYTHING. And he's so strong that he'll just go up to his poor sister and take what she has. Having a crawler with older siblings is tough becuase I can't childproof EVERYTHING, and the older two get frustrated when "The Hurricane" comes and destroys their train tracks they're playing with.

He still loves to eat, and frequently eats more than Kylee does. He's almost exclusively on table food and is doing so well with it.

He is a GOOF ball. He imitates silly faces we do and is so silly! I can't wait to watch his personality unfold even more.

 I couldn't decide which photos to post, so I hope you don't mind me just posting them all. :)

 Don't worry...he will be getting a hair cut before he's 11 months!
 Momma's little stud muffin :)