Saturday, August 6, 2016

27 and 28 Weeks

So Greg and I were sitting in Sunday school, and for the first time the entire pregnancy, I felt baby girl up high on my belly. Then at my dr appointment  the next day, the midwife felt around on my belly really well, and felt down low and said she was head down. So I guess I'm starting to feel her precious feet kicking me up high now! Also at the appointment, the midwife put the Doppler on my belly to hear her heartbeat, and then held her in place on the opposite end with her other hand and baby was moving all around! She had been totally still until the midwife held her in place. She did NOT like that! I think we have a feisty one on our hands!! The midwife and I talked about Hunter's birth size and my current weight gain - which at that appointment, just before 27 weeks, was 20 lbs. she said with the weight I started at, ideally I really shouldn't gain more than 5 more pounds. That has motivated me to stay on plan more than before. I didn't gain anything that whole week last week after the appointment, but this week we were in Michigan. I ate better than I do on normal Michigan trips but not 100%. I think I am up a couple pounds but it should level out when we get back home and I'm in my normal routine again. Here's the 28 week pic - taken at my in-laws with horrible lighting and crazy hair apparently! Lol

Also new this week - horrible sciatic nerve pain!! I almost wonder if, now that she's flipped, she's laying wrong on my nerve. It's not constant, but when i do have it, it is so painful. I will be walking and then literally bent over in pain because it shoots from my lower back down my leg. I'm really hoping this doesn't last the whole 12 weeks I have left!

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