Friday, July 17, 2009


So I mentioned not long ago that the Lord gave me a wonderful night at work, money-wise.

Lately though, He just keeps blessing us financially to be able to make our ends meet. I had another good night at work on Monday, we got a check for over payment from our student loans for Greg's school. Granted, we will eventually have to pay those back, but we need the money more now, and are fine with paying them back in the future. We desperately needed new tires on our Jetta, especially since we'll be driving cross country next month, and Greg found an AWESOME deal for tires online, AND there was a mail-in rebate! I found a $60 math error in my check register in our favor. Now, granted, it was my mistake in the first place, but I honestly believe that God had me find the error at the perfect time. I have gotten awesome deals in my last couple crocery shopping trips here in IL. I got an amazing deal on Quilted Northern toilet paper at Aldi on Tuesday that seriously made my whole day! We needed diapers, and got a $3 off coupon in the mail the day before I needed to buy them. It's so relieving to see Him constantly showing Himself taking care of our finances like this.

Amazing things happen when you obey the Lord. He is so awesome, I just had to share.


  1. Amen sister!!!! And when you do want to start cloth diapering, you just let me know. ;)

  2. Praise God, He so much better to us than we deserve!

    ps- it may be my computer but there seems to be a "photo bucket" thingy stuck in your blog....