Monday, July 13, 2009

The Weekend

This weekend was another good one. Praise God for the beautiful weather we had!

As our IL time is nearing an end, I've been watching, recalculating, and really obsessing over our financial budget. The move is going to cost us SO much so I'm just making sure we have enough to at least make it through paying our bills up until the move. Anyway, I know that God has provided for us every single month of our marriage and I am so thankful for that. And I Friday, He blessed us by me having an awesome night at work. We have been so slow lately, and I hope to make half of what I made each night compared to last year this time. But Friday, I made the most I have ever made in a single night in the 3.5 years of serving. I was so grateful, because, now, not only can we pay our bills, but we can also fill our bellies AND our gas tanks! PRAISE GOD! :)

Yesterday, there was a car show right by my work that I heard about, so we went there to check it out. I thoguht it would be fun for Greg, and anything that's free is fun for me! We have an AMC AMX sitting in my uncle's garage right now waiting for us to have the money to fix it up (It's also waiting for us to have room to store it at our house too.) It was my dad's car in high school, and so we acquired it from my parents. It was fun to go to the car show because Greg could point out certain things to me that he's thinking of doing to the AMX. My only request for the car is that it has pink on it. Really, I wanted the whole thing pink, but Greg vetoed that idea, unfortunately. There was a really cool truck there that I got lots of pictures of. The details this guy put into his truck were amazing. He had license plates EVERYWHERE, and even had a tuna can as a tail light. It was pretty cool. He also had this fish he made out of silverware that I took a picture of for you guys. He said it took 340 spoons to make it. He also had a fish on the tip of his hood that would squirt water at people when he pressed a button. It was pretty funny.
After the car show, I had to run 10 miles. And believe it or not, I DID IT! I didn't think I was going to make it a few miles in, but I kept at it, and two hours later, I arrived home. I ran a 12 minute mile, which is pretty slow, but I don't care. I still ran 10 miles! I was in a LOT of pain when I got home, so I took the advice of my marathon-running friend and did an ice bath from the waist down when I got home. I think those 10 minutes in the bath were (almost) as painful as the 10 miles! But, wow, it made a huge difference today. I have sore quads, but that's it! I'm definitely doing another ice bath the day of the half marathon since the next day is the day we pack up our house. I can't be down for the count that day! Three more weeks to the half marathon. I can't believe it! I'm very excited. Especially since I did the 10 miles. I know I'll finish the half. Now I just want it to be here!

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