Thursday, February 4, 2010

Monster Jam

I've mentioned in the past that Hunter LOVES Monster Trucks. Every day at 3pm right when daddy gets home from school, we turn the SPEED channel on and there's an episode of Monster Jam on. Well Universal Technical Institute (the school Greg attends) is a huge sponsor of Monster Jam and there was a Monster Jam event here in Phoenix last week. So Friday morning, they had a truck there for students to go see if they wanted. Greg doesn't have school on Friday's so he and Hunter went down to the school to see the truck (I, unfortunately, had to work - I was so disappointed!)
Greg said as soon as Hunter saw the truck (Grave Digger, to be exact) he got soooo excited and pointed and said "TRUCK!" I made Greg at least get pictures since I couldn't attend...

You probably can't tell, but Hunter is holding HIS Grave Digger in all the pictures.

Greg said he just wanted to stand next to the truck. After about 20 minutes though, Greg dragged him away from it, and as you can imagine, he was NOT happy!
We would have loved to take him to the actual event, but that's $80 we didn't have, so we were both happy Hunter at least got to see the truck in person like this, and the 2 year old doesn't know he missed out on anything!

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