Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 2

So day 2 of school was another success. The first day when I asked him if he wanted to play games, he said no. This child says no to anything unless it's something exciting that he definitely wants. Yesterday (which was day 2) when I asked him if he wanted to play games, he got super excited and said YEAHH! That was so rewarding for me in and of itself. I'm so glad that he's enjoying the games I've made and it will be even more rewarding when he starts showing progress in what I'm trying to teach him.

Anyway, for day 2, we played all the same games again as day one and I added a couple more activities. First, we made the snowman craft I had mentioned. I made one first so he could have an example of what it should look like, and I precut all of the pieces for his picture. He "helped" me put the glue on the paper, and then he placed the pieces on the paper. He then drew on the face and buttons just like I had on mine. Pretzel sticks finished it off to make the arms. Here's a picture of both of them. Can you guess who's is who's? :)
After they dried, we hung them on the fridge. He wanted to hang them both, but he also placed all the magnets where he wanted them. Is he dropping a hint...?

Next we did a shape sorting game. I have a picture of him playing, and I'm sure you can guess how the game is played.

There was no school today because I worked during the day. However, we did make brownies, so I could argue that we practiced math today. :)

Time to go enjoy the brownies - YUM!

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