Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Employed!

I got a job! I am so excited yet so exhausted (already!) at the same time!

I posted an ad on craigslist early last week about my ability to watch anyone's children who needed it. I was willing to do something constant, or even just a one time deal. I figured an extra $40 on one Friday night was more than I was currently bringing in at the moment. I stated that I would have to bring Hunter with me if it was during the day, and I figured it was up to the readers to decide if they wanted to email me, knowing from the beginning I have a 2 year old.

Anyway, that evening I got an email from a single mother of 3 kids. A 12 year old girl, 9 year old boy, and 6 year old girl. She needed someone during the week to take them and pick them up from school and then be with them until she got home from work at about 6 pm. She also needed someone to be there during the summer to keep them occupied and get them out of the house. I obviously emailed her back and we met Thursday night to discuss everything and so she could meet me. I brought Greg along since you can never be too careful with craigslist. She had said in her original email that she needed someone as of May 1, but after us meeting and being there for 2 hours, we were both so excited about the situation that I started the next day! I was with them Friday and Saturday all day, since they were still on spring break. Then, this morning, Hunter and I were out the door at 7 to get them and take them to school.

So far I really like it. They are good kids. They, of course, are typical kids, but they're fun. The boy is the antagonizer, the older sister tries to be the boss, and the little sister is a drama queen. It keeps it interesting though, even if sometimes I want to scream. ;)

I am really excited though, and it is definitely an answer to prayer (thank you all that joined with me in praying!) The salary is going to be a HUGE help for Greg and I, and we can breathe now about expenses. I am praising God for this position, and am so thankful that I get to have a job where Hunter is with me. I'm planning lots of fun for the summer. Also on my agenda: getting them to turn the bathroom light off when they leave the room, even if it kills me! (And it might.)

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  1. yay! And I figure as long as you're not trying to get them to close drawers, then anything is possible!