Wednesday, October 12, 2011

14 Weeks

I have had 3 appointments in 3 days for the baby...everything is fine, that's just how it worked out.

I had my normal first appointment on Thursday...besides my weight loss, everything looks good. They're pretty concerned about that though. I've lost 14 pounds, and they told me if I don't start gaining I need to stop nursing Kylee. I have to eat at least 2800 calories a day...the normal 2000, then 300 for the pregnancy and 500 for nursing...that's a lot of calories! And actually, they want me to gain back the 14, and then gain the normal pregnancy amount so I should be eating a bit over 2800. And although nausea has subsided, I have had TERRIBLE indigestion. However, they did give me Reglan for that and it has done wonders, so now I'm trying to eat as much high calorie (yet not totally unhealthy) food as possible. I snack whenever I want, and I have been trying to include peanut butter whenever I can! So please pray I gain some weight! I seriously have not weighed this little since I was in middle school...and I was way shorter back then.

Friday I had an ultrasound at a diagnostic center for an accurate due date. She said I'm just a few days off according to my LMP so they're keeping my due date the same, which is April 11. So that means I totally skipped over 13 weeks because of how I was counting, and I'm 14 weeks today! It's like I gained a whole week!

Monday I met with the doctor again because they wanted to do an early glucose test, just like they did with Kylee, because of my 10 lb 8 oz first born child. I passed with no problems though, thankfully! Apparently Hunter was just a big baby! But guess what is abnormal again? Apparently my thyroid doesn't know how to get it together during pregnancy and I have slightly abnormal levels again...stupid thyroid. I'm barely over the normal level though, so it's not worth medicating. Hopefully like with Kylee's pregnancy, it will just level itself out. They'll test again in a couple months to see the levels.

So that's it for now...just trying to gain some weight! I laughed at the nutritionist when she told me to eat whatever I wanted...never in my life have I gotten that ok before...and it was quite the opposite from Kylee!

Anyway, here's the week's belly pic:
2 comments concerning the photo...
1. Please excuse the wet least I showered! ;)
2. I can't believe how thin I look!

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