Friday, June 22, 2012

Mother's and Father's Day

I'm a bit behind on blogging, but here is a Mother's and Father's day update...

Here is a picture of me with each of my precious babies taken on Mother's day.

 Hunter is a stinker with cooperating for photos. Here's the silly pictures it took to get the smile out of him.

He's my goofy boy!

I got a bouquet of flowers for the day, handmade by the family. I absolutely LOVE them and still have them out. This will definitely be a gift I'll save forever. Hunter's flower shape was designed by himself. :)

A couple from church was so generous and gave us a gift certificate for the Outback, so we were able to have a nice lunch after church that required no cleanup from myself. That was nice! On our way back to church that evening, Hunter ended up getting sick in the truck, so we never made it to evening service. I got sick later that evening too. Thankfully, no one else got sick and we recovered fine. Even with the sickness, I had a very good Mother's day spent with my four favorite people!

 For Father's day, I made Greg a special meal after church. He love love loves steak and I never buy it because of the cost, but I had some for his day. Just as he lifted up the first steak to place on the barbecue, the propane ran out! At least it didn't happen halfway through cooking! I ended up making them in the toaster oven, haha! Not as good as grilled, but considering the fact that I've never cooked a steak before, let alone in a toaster oven, they weren't too bad. For dessert, I made cheesecake. (One of Greg's favorite desserts!) We spent the afternoon relaxing, and thankfully, no one got sick for Father's day!

For his gift, I took pictures of each of the kids.

And had them printed and glued on card stock. Thanks to Jenny, I laminated it for durability. Here's the finished product.

Becuase he works in a garage-type environment, he never wants to take anything too nice to work. That eliminates frames of the kids because he doesn't want to accidentally break them. So I wanted to make him something that he could take to display, but it wasn't too nice that it would cost a lot to replace if needed. Thankfully, the kids cooperated very well, so I think it turned out quite nicely!

Silly me didn't get pictures of the kids with daddy...oops!

I'm so thankful for Gregory. He is a wonderful daddy and our babies adore him. I'm so thankful and proud to be his wife.

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