Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big Girl Bed!

Mr. Gunnar kept getting his appendages stuck in between the slats of the port-a-crib because he is so big so it was time to make the switch! Kylee gets a big girl toddler bed and Gunnar now has the crib. 

I'd posted a while back that we put the two older kids together. However, Ms. Kylee was waking up way too early (she normally sleeps in until about 8:30) and she was waking up her brother. So we decided to move her back into her own room again and we moved Gunnar in with Hunter. With all this room sharing, he has become a decently heavy sleeper. This is the best scenario so far and the older two are back to sleeping on their normal schedules and Gunnar also sleeps pretty well for a three-month-old. 

Hopefully Kylee will sleep well even though she'll be able to get out of bed now. We'll see come nap time!

Oh, and yes! That is, indeed, a pillow case with a picture of Gregory and me on it. I made it for him when he was deployed and it's one of the few non-flannel pillow cases we have to use for her. And actually, she loves having "muh-mee" and "dah-dee" on her pillow!

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