Wednesday, January 23, 2013

8 and 9 Months

Ok so I totally missed blogging about the 8th month ... :-/ 
It was 10 days before Christmas so time just got away from me. I didn't forget 
the picture though! Here it is:
And already, my baby is 9 months old!! He is SO big. We go soon for his check up to see just how big he is but seriously, people are shocked when they find out he's only 9 months. And we FREQUENTLY get people asking if he and his sister are twins when they're in our double stroller! 

He is still super smiley and super happy all the time. :) When he's sitting and you make him smile, he bounces up and down on his bottom out of excitement. I love it! 

He is our first baby that really took to rolling to get around. He's been everywhere in the living room from rolling for a while. But as of last night, he's a crawler! He finally figured it out and has taken no time off from practicing his new trick! 

 We took his pacifier away at 8 months, but apparently should have waited a bit longer. He's found his thumb in the last couple weeks. We tried giving the paci back but he's forgotten what to do with it! 

He eats absolutely anything we give him! When we first started giving him bits of table food, he giggled in between each bite since he was so excited! This boy definitely LOVES food. 

I've had to break him of waking up to eat at night a few times, but it's been nothing like it was with his sister. And he's been on a good streak of sleeping until at least 6, and then after feeding, will sleep a few more hours. 

He is so big, and I know his first birthday will be here before we know it!

Here's the 9 month pics :)


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