Wednesday, March 23, 2016

9 Weeks

Yesterday marked 9 weeks in this pregnancy. I've been meaning to blog for a couple weeks now and the weeks have just gotten away from me! I guess that's good in the first trimester, right?

Since the day I found out, I've been treating this pregnancy as my last. I have told Greg for years that I wanted at least one more because I just didn't get to enjoy Gunnar's infancy as my last becuase he was so close in age to Kylee. I had a 15 month old when he was born, so if he was happy and content in the bouncer, I had to just leave him there.

But the age difference between Hunter and Gunnar is the exact age difference, to the month, that will be between Gunnar and the new baby - 4.5 years. My kids are so much older and independent now that we all will definitely get to enjoy and soak up every bit of this baby!

So anyway, we found out we were pregnant at exactly 5 weeks, on a Tuesday. By Sunday, I was already getting all day nausea. This is definitely the earliest morning sickness has reared its ugly head. By the next week, I was throwing up multiple times a day, which is typical for my first trimesters. Oddly enough though, even when I lost 15 pounds in my first trimester with Gunnar, they never gave me anything for my nausea. About 1.5 weeks ago, around 7.5 weeks, I called the doctor's office and asked if they could see me to give me medicine because I just couldn't function enough to care for myself, let alone my 3 kids.

They got me in the very next day and gave me this glorious stuff called "Diclegis." It's half b6, half unisom. Of course it has its side effects, including drowsiness, so that means I have to take it at night. I take 2 nightly, and have been for almost a week now, every night. If I miss a day, it's almost like I need to build it back in my system again. It is causing constipation (keepin' it real, here, folks!) So I've had to be diligent with taking in coconut oil and stuff to combat it. The medicine definitely keeps me from throwing up (for the most part) but I still get a stomach ache after eating. I have found that carbs (bagels, bread, potatoes, etc) sit really well with a pretty mild stomach ache. So if I gain 10 pounds this trimester, there will be no question why! Currently though, I'm actually a pound or two under prepregnancy weight.

I have hopes that the morning sickness will end earlier since it started earlier, but time will tell. I have actually felt decent yesterday and today which has been nice so that I can get things done, but at the same time, I of course worry that something might be wrong. My first real appointment is next Wednesday, and they'll try to listen for the heartbeat and everything, so hoping I get to hear that sweet sound!

I definitely have a belly. And some may just go with it and say to show it off being that it's my 4th pregnancy. And some days I do. I'm sure it's mostly bloat because the baby is only the size of a grape, but I definitely do believe  you show faster with each one because your body is like, "oh hey, I remember this!" I won't be posting belly pics for a few more weeks though.

Here are links to my other 9 week pregnancies from my last 2 children if you're interested in comparing...

2nd baby:

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I guess there isn't much to compare for 9 weeks. I'll post other links though as I get further along. First trimesters are always really rough for me and I have a hard time blogging.

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