Tuesday, April 12, 2016

11 and 12 Weeks

11 Weeks

Time totally got away from me last week and I didn't even blog! Once I decided to, I was almost 12 weeks so I decided to just put them together. 11 weeks was pretty exciting. Even though there are many people who say it's not possible, I am almost positive I felt baby move multiple times this week! Seeing how much they were moving on the ultrasound along with what I was feeling, I think I did. Of course it was jaunt little flutters, but there was one night where I was laying in bed almost asleep and felt a little kick or something so (relatively, considering baby's size) strong that I almost jumped because it startled me! Gas bubbles have never startled me before ;) This week was slightly better overall as far as morning sickness goes, although I still had bad parts of days with vomiting and stuff.

12 Weeks
I think I can say that I see an end to the morning sickness. If I let myself get too hungry, I do still throw up, but when I eat a good meal, I feel almost like a normal person! It's amazing! I remember once nausea/vomiting started to ease up with a Gunnar, horrible heartburn took its place. It was looking like that would happen with this one too but I posted on a pregnancy fb group I'm in, and someone who'd experienced the same issue during pregnancy suggested not drinking 20 minutes before and after meals. Well I tried it, and guess what? It has made a WORLD of difference! As long as I don't drink while eating or the few minutes after, I don't really have heartburn! it's been amazing! I still can't really have dairy, because that gives me a stomach ache/heartburn but hopefully that will ease up soon too. So overall I am getting better. And oh my goodness I am so excited about this being the last week in the worst (I mean first) trimester!

Here's my first belly pic! Evenings are the worst for me because I take my medicine at night, so the last day's dose is pretty much wore off before I take my new one. So I feel about as good as I look. Translation: awful. 

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