Thursday, June 30, 2016

22 and 23 Weeks

Again, a busy two weeks!

Last week we were in Jacksonville, FL. While we were in a blacklist mini putt putt golf place, I told Greg he needed to take my weekly belly pic and he decided the time to take the photo was right then. I forgot to have him take another one so that's all I have. :)

I can tell baby girl is definitely getting bigger. She has found my bladder to kick and her kicks in general have gotten so strong! Although she STILL hasn't let daddy feel her movements!

Braxton hicks have gotten so strong too. I actually talked to the dr about them because they've worried me a time or two. She said its normal for each pregnancy's BH to get stronger and stronger. Ive just been trying to stay hydrated so I know dehydration isn't the issue.

I have been addicted to lemonade lately. I can't get enough!! I have been getting Panera Bread's lately but just yesterday I decided to make my own using bottled lemon juice. The whole family loves it and now I can't keep it in the fridge.

Just today, I tried not taking unisom. This morning was touch and go as far as queasiness but thankfully I didn't actually vomit. I think I may be in the clear FINALLY! So excited for that.

Here are the two belly pics.

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