Friday, June 17, 2016

Lots of Weeks

Oh my goodness where has time been going?!

It has been a few weeks since I blogged - but we have still been taking pics!!

The kids - all three of them - got to feel baby girl during my 21st week. They were so excited and so was I! Greg still has yet to feel her though because you have to put your hand there at the right time. When he has tried, she's a stinker and stops moving or doesn't move strong enough for him to feel. Just in the last week though I feel like she's found her limbs for sure. Her movements are so much stronger this week compared to how they have been! Also, she's found my bladder in the last few days and has started kicking it! Not crazy about that. 

Not really a ton of stuff to update on. I think that's about it for now! Here's the belly pics. 
19 Weeks 

20 Weeks

21 Weeks

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