Saturday, August 15, 2009

Big Boy

Once again, we're in a stage where I am amazed at how big my baby is getting. I know, I know, he's not a baby, but he's still MY baby and will be even after he gets married.

It seemed like all of the sudden during the week we moved here to AZ, he found the confidence to try (almost, I'll explain later) any word we ask him to say. So, since then, we've been working on manners. He only needs reminded to say 'thank you' (which sounds like din noo) now about 25% of the time, and the cutie pie even thanks us for changing his diaper. He says "oh no," "oh man," "uh oh," "amen," and "Bella" very clearly. He knows to hold our hand when he gets in bed because we're going to pray. And he knows at the end of the prayer at bedtime (and at mealtimes) to say "AMEN!" He's still a little confused with amen though. We sang Rockabye Baby the other day, and when I was finished he said AMEN! But we're working on it. :) He also knows to say "down" when he's finished eating in the high chair.

He can also blow his nose in a tissue, which I think is pretty impressive for a 22 month old.
He understands about 75% of what we say, and for a toddler, he's a pretty good listener. He also is OCD about closing things, which I think the Lord instilled in him for a reason. Mama has a tendency to leave cupboards and drawers open (unintentionally!) and Hunter goes behind me and closes them all.

Another baby thing he's losing is sucking his thumb. I think it's so sweet to see him do it, but Greg decided it's time to break him of it. It's funny, becuase I always told myself that pacifiers would be gone with our children before the first birthday, yet I'm having a hard time letting go of him sucking his thumb, despite the fact that he's almost two. But, I am trying to break him of it along with Greg, even if it does break my heart.

What's funny is that, like I said, he will try to repeat almost anything we say, yet when he tell him to say "yes," without fail, even when we try to trick him, we get a loud "NO!" everytime. He may be big, but he's still stubborn.

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  1. enjoy all those moments. your blog entry brought back memories for me that I'd forgotten. Write them down while they're fresh in your mind.