Thursday, December 10, 2009

6 Weeks and Hunter

I am currently on hold with our insurance company to tell them that I faxed the pregnancy information they needed on Monday, so I don't know why they called me last night saying they still need it...
So, I thought I'd come on here and blog to lift me spirits. :)

We took our 6 week pictures last night. I feel like I'm SO big already. I know everyone I talk to with at least 2 kids says they showed faster with their second, but I even got a WOW out of my sister (who has 4 kids) when she saw my picture! I'm just saying...
Please ignore what looks like my giant hand. :)

So we have been potty training in the Wehrman household, which I am very excited about since that means we could possibly only have 1 in diapers. And, I'm even considering doing clothe with this next one, so pretty soon I could be done with BUYING diapers! I'm not totally sure about the clothe thing though, because I know Greg wouldn't want to put out all the money to buy them because he would be afraid I'd give up and the investment would be a waste. But, I'm hoping I could get some stuff from my sister who does clothe diapers to try it out before I buy my own stuff.

ANYWAY, now that I'm done with my clothe diaper tangent...Hunter is potty training! And whenever we go potty, he actually goes. He understands how to go pee pee, and does so every potty break. However, he's not crazy about going every 20 minutes, and also, doesn't realize when he goes any other time. I have to get him to realize that he's going in his diaper and to stop it so we can go in the potty. But, we just keep taking potty breaks, and I'm trusting that the awareness will come with practice of peeing in the potty.

So yesterday, I was going to the bathroom, and Hunter came in and stood in front of me and said "YAY!!" and clapped his hands like momma does when he goes in the potty. It was so nice to get recognized for my good efforts, so I also rewarded myself with 2 M&M's afterwards. ;)

I am so excited that he is at the age now when he will start doing and saying funny things like that. I started a journal yesterday to document funny moments like that. I wrote the date and then the incident, and I know that years down the road, I'll be so glad I did it and love to look back at all the silly things our kids have done. :)


  1. I am doing cloth diapers at home with Kenley. I use Fuzzi Bunz. I bought a ton of Kissaluvs Size 0 when I was pregnant and then when she came I hated them so I didn't use them ever. I bought Fuzzi Bunz for when she would be bigger and she fits in them now and I love them!

  2. First of all, I cannot believe how big that belly of yours is already! My gosh, maybe you have like 4 in there. Also, I am cracking up about Hunter telling you good job on the potty. I am glad you rewarded yourself too! That's so sweet! He seems like he is such a sweet little man!

  3. You are flatter than me, and I am not even pregnant. LOL

    Enjoy your pregnancy, Are you craving for anything special?

  4. LOVE that I found that your blogging :) Reminds me of a more sophisticated, all grown up version of live journal. Haha, remember those days Emma?
    Anyways, you look great! How fun this all is! Love ya girl!