Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wehrman Schoolhouse

So it's been on my mind a lot lately that Hunter is old enough now that learning can/should occur more than just naturally throughout the day. He is old enough now that we can sit down for a period of time each day and play educational games (cuz I'm sneaky like that.) Though it's been on my mind a lot, it did take me a while to finally do something about it. But, with my educational background (the little bit that I do have,) help from my sister, and help from google, we had our first "school" session yesterday. And we both had so much fun!

Eventually I want to do preschool curriculum with a theme each week and everything, but for now we started with simple, non themed games.
I made a puzzle of a hat, and he loved it. We did it a few times, and each time he got better and better. The first time he completed it and saw the finished product, he got really excited and ran and got his hat that nana made him. He knows the letter A and pointed it out as soon as he saw it, and we're working on H so he can learn his whole name, so I thought doing 'HAT' was appropriate.

Next, I made color cards. I've started with 4 colors and will add more as he learns them. I made 2 sets of each color, and layed one set out in front of him. Then I picked up one of my cards, and asked him to place it ON TOP of his match. (We're working on concepts too.) He liked that game, and then since his monster trucks were sitting next to us on the table, we played another matching game. I picked up a truck and he had to place it on the correct card. He L - O - V - E - D that game because it incorporated his trucks. Here's a picture (but please ignore the ghetto coffee table)...

Our final game was a number game.

Each card has circles on one side and the corresponding number on the other. We either do all numbers, or all circles, and again, he has to match them. Each time we play the game, he gets faster and faster. And he can count to 3 by himself some of the time. He also recognizes numbers 1-3. Pretty soon I'm going to have to add 6-10! Then as he gets older, he will have to match the 3 with the 3 circles.

So those were our games of the day. We played them for 45 minutes straight yesterday, and the only reason we stopped was because daddy got home and Monster Jam came on. (This child LOVES Monster Jam!)

We're going to play them again today, and I also have a snowman craft for us. (Hey, just because AZ doesn't provide the opportunity to build snowmen doesn't mean he shouldn't know about the existence of them!)

My plan is to continue blogging about our school sessions. I hope you enjoy taking the journey with us. :)


  1. 'cause I didn't miss you enough already. I can't wait to see him with his "games".

  2. This is amazing Emma - what a great supporting Mother! I helped my little brother with specifically math before he went to elementary school and I credit myself for him always being at the top of his class and now going for Chemical Engineering at Michigan Tech! The younger the better! ~Lauren

  3. Hey Emma!
    I LOVE all the game ideas too, I'm definitely going to have to incorporate them into our daily "school" too. I know David would get a kick out of those. I am so honored and excited about homeschooling David and I love getting ideas and see how exciting it is for my friends and their kiddos too. One thing we do as David's Bible time is simple "fill-in the blank" sentences. I think I posted them on our blog, but things like, "Jesus died on " and David answers, "the cross". The Bible is, "God's Word" Oh so fun to be a Mommy! Thanks for the great ideas and have fun! Looking forward to seeing more :)