Friday, February 11, 2011

Folding Prefold Diapers

Disclaimer: First, let me apologize for the lighting of the photos. We have a pink lamp in Kylee's room which is super cute, but does NOTHING for photography. Second, this whole post is about how to fold a cloth diaper. If you're not interested, I'm not offended. Cloth diapering isn't for everyone. However, don't catch yourself saying "I'd NEVER use cloth diapers." My friend, I said the same thing a few years ago, and now I'm posting a blog about how to use them! EEK! It's amazing how the Lord can change you...

Anyway, cloth diapers! I've been using them with Kylee. We're doing prefolds, a Snappi, and a cover. It took some trial and error to get the knack of getting them on her, but we've got it down now. However, when I first started using them, I did the traditional trifold, where you just single fold in each side to the center. She blew out of the diaper when I did that so I had to figure out a new way. That's what this post is about.

Here's our method: start with the diaper unfolded. Typically, I have her laying on top of it, but I didn't want to post pictures of my daughter without a diaper on the Internet. I'm sure you understand. When I put the diaper under Kylee, I fold in the part that goes on her back, only because she's still little and I need to shorten the diaper. You'll see it folded in later pictures, so I just wanted to explain. Whether you fold it or not obviously depends on the child's size.

Ok, next step is to fold in one side about 1.5 inches. (Again, I typically have Kylee on top of the diaper here so she helps hold it when I fold it.)

Fold the same side over again.
Do the same thing to the other side, and look! You've got yourself what I like to call a "poop pocket!"
Since the baby is already on the diaper, just fold up the front over their bottom.

Take one side and unroll only the end, just enough to secure it to the back part.

Pull the back part over what you just unrolled. (If you look, you can see where I fold mine down in the back in this picture.)

Take your Snappi and secure that first side, then pull it and secure the middle. Do the same thing to the other side and secure. I typically have to readjust that first side after doing the second side.
Here's the finished product.
Stick a cover over all of it, and you've got yourselves a sumo baby!


  1. Welcome to pre-fold world! Where the folds are endless! You will tweak the basic folds to fit your child for as long as they are in diapers. Vi needed the "poop pocket" as you call it as well.

    I use snappis also and bummis or thirsties covers. Friendly to my wallet, friendly to baby bum, and friendly to the earth our Lord created.

    You have an absolute doll on your hands. Watch out, they grow up before your very eyes...I am in awe of long our little doll is getting.

    Have fun with the cloth diapers!

  2. "I'll NEVER use cloth diapers."

    I believe I also heard, "Homeschooling is NOT for me."

    MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! Maybe one day you'll want a farm, too... :D