Monday, February 21, 2011

Hot Hillybilly

I've mentioned Pioneer Woman quite a few times on here. I frequent her website daily and love trying her recipes.

My latest thing having to do with PW is her new book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. It's the story of how she and her now-husband met and fell in love.

Oh boy, the things is does to my heart.

And it's not just this book. I'm a sap and I love a good romance novel. I typically read Christian romance novels, and whenever I do, I get sucked into the love story and the emotions the characters are going through when they're falling for each other and it is like I fall in love with Gregory all over again.

The books just bring up all the feelings I felt when Greg and I fell in love. And I grow deeper in love with him because of it.

I really am so in love with him.

Sure, he's a man, and leaves dirty clothes in random places and forgets Valentine's day.

But I know he'd give me the world if he could. And amidst the stuff he doesn't do, he really does do so much - simply because he loves me.
He doesn't even question keeping the kids when I need to run an errand or go grocery shopping.
He changes diapers.
He puts up with me (unintentionally) leaving cupboards and drawers open all the time.
He's very supportive with my being in the choir at church and singing whenever I can. This doesn't seem like a big deal, but since we have one car, it is. He is frequently inconvenienced because of it. But never once has he complained. Instead, he fully supports me.
He frequently let's me sleep in on Saturday mornings.
He puts up with (and responds to) every single one of my 8000 "I love you's" (give or take 7900) throughout the day.
He does his best to give me what I want, even if it's not what he wants.
He cleans the shower for me when I'm big and pregnant and physically incapable of doing so myself.
He makes Hunter thank me for cooking a good dinner.
He randomly sends me "Just wanted you to know I love you" text messages.
He does everything in his power for me and our family to make sure we're taken care of.
And he loves me.

And I love him. More than I could ever articulate into words for a silly blog.

So PW has her rugged cowboy in his Wranglers and cowboy boots. And I have my hot hillbilly in his baseball cap and belt buckle.

And he's all mine.

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