Friday, May 6, 2011

Thank You, Mom

Ever since I became a mother 3.5 years ago, I've had a hard time finding a balance between my mother's day and our mothers' mother's days. Does that make sense?

What I'm trying to say is that I kind of feel bad that once a woman becomes a mother, her mother (and/or husband's mother) is a little bit forgotten about. They are still mothers just as much as we are and deserve to be recognized and appreciated just as much. This is extra hard to do when we've lived away from both of them for the past several years.

This post is an effort to do show our appreciation for our moms this year.

I love you. :) I have so much to thank you for. Let's start with apologies though. First and foremost, I'm sorry for any labor pains I put you through. Phew, those can be a doozy! I'm also sorry for my bratiness from ages 5-16. ;) Thank you for putting up with me even though you probably wanted to ship me off to boarding school once...or twice...or eighty-seven times. As you have said before, I'm also glad we were able to become close my last couple years at home. I think we both realized that we were way more alike that we knew (did I just admit that I'm like my mother?) and it's fun to know there's someone as neurotic as I am, haha.

Thank you for everything you've done for me. For being more than willing to accompany my under aged self to North Carolina countless times so I could see the love of my life for 2 days at a time. For funding those trips! For, now, spending countless dollars and vacation days to see us. I love when you come, and I love spending the time with you, and I'm so thankful you're so willing to make spending time together possible...even if Dave wouldn't agree.

Thank you for being a selfless mom when I became a mom, and a mother-of-two. You came to my rescue both times, not to just meet your new grandchild, but mostly to take care of your baby so she could take care of hers.

There are so many times I have rocked Hunter and now rock Kylee and I think about when you used to rock me, knowing I was your last baby. I love thinking that you love me the same way I love them.

I love you, mom. I know I could never express in words how I actually feel but please know that I am so grateful for everything you've done and continue to do.

Mom Wehrman
In the same spirit that I started my mother's letter, I'll start yours with an apology also. I personally apologize for Gregory making you go three weeks overdue with him. Going one week overdue with Hunter was enough; I can only imagine how you felt with three weeks.

Thank you for letting me be part of the family and sharing family recipes with me like Tuna Salad and Gulliver's Corn. Greg appreciates you sharing them as well. :)
Thank you for making our children adorable clothes! I love being able to say, "My mother-in-law made it!" when people compliment their clothes.

Thank you for instilling in me the desire to home make Kylee's crib set. I know there is no way I would have even tried to accomplish that without you putting the confidence in me that I could do it.
Thank you for being here when Kylee was born, and totally caring for Hunter while I recovered and got used to having a newborn again. I was so glad to know he was being so well-cared for, and had a full-time playmate when I didn't have the energy to do it myself yet.

Thank you for how you raised Gregory. Even though he doesn't show it to the world, he is such a gentleman. You and I have had conversations about how sweet and helpful he can be. Thank you for teaching him how to do the dishes, clean a shower, and do these things well! I will definitely be passing these traits on to Hunter in order to help out his future wife. ;) He is such a wonderful husband and an amazing father, and I know that part of that is because of how he was raised.

Both of you have done so much for Greg and I, and are huge reasons we are who we are today. Please know that every day, but especially on this Mother's Day, we love you and appreciate you both for everything you have done and how you love us.
We love you!

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