Friday, May 4, 2012

12 Months of Dates

 This blog post is way late, but better late than never!

For Christmas, I gave Gregory a homemade gift. We hardly ever go out on dates. We average no more than 3 per year, seriously. Finances is usually the reason, so I decided to make a list of dates that were either free or really cheap. Since we have awesome friends, we can always find a free babysitter.

I presented it in a fun way for him, because I'm corny.

Here was the outer envelope:
Inside were 12 envelopes, each labeled with a month of the year. He opens the new envelope on the first of every month to see what our date is.

Some are at-home dates, and some require going somewhere.

Here was March's date:
This month we're off to Emerald Isle
For mini golf to make you smile.
Afterward, we'll have ice cream
Where you can cry because you got creamed. 

Here's a picture of us enjoying our date. It was so much fun! And I had the higher score, so I totally won.

We'll be doing our April at-home date tonight (a little late because of having a baby.) I'll blog the details later. :)

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  1. Hi Emma, that "thing" wasn't much but hope you can have a lil date at outback.