Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our April Date

While I'd love to take the credit for this at-home date idea, it came from this webpage.

I asked Gregory what dessert he'd like me to make if he could choose anything. While he loves ice cream floats and simple desserts like that, he didn't mess around with choosing when he knew I'd make anything.

His answer? Strawberry shortcake.
I found this recipe that I used, and my goodness, was it delicious! The wet ingredient in the cake was heavy cream...it was destined to be good.

My choice were lemon bars, and I used this recipe. They were really good too, although I suggest sticking with the 2 lemons suggested in the recipe and not adding a third like some commenters suggested.

Anyway, we each chose our desserts and then we each picked a game to play. He chose the dice game, and unfortunately he won...

My choice of a "game" was taken from the webpage where I got the idea for the date. I printed out these questions and we went through them one by one and gave our answers. The questions were anything from "What's your favorite drink?" and "If you were president for a day, what would you do?" to "Where do you want to be in 5 years?"

It was so awesome to just sit and talk. We haven't had conversations about something other than the kids, bills, work, etc. in a long time and these questions sparked some awesome conversations for us. It would take us 20 minutes to answer one question because we'd go off subject, but that's exactly what was supposed to happen, I'm sure. :) We stayed up way too late, considering Greg still had to get up for work the next day, but we were just enjoying talking so much.

It was an absolutely wonderful date that made me fall in love with my husband all over again, and it was at home and totally free!