Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Purse

Yes, I know, only a WOMAN would blog about a fashion accessory!!
But it's not totally about just the purchase of the purse...
While Greg and I were visiting the Friedlein's, we made a trip to the PX and spend WAY too much on Marine Corps gear...we would have never thought there would be a time where we'd want as much as we could get! Anyway, I bought this purse...

I know I'm not really "green" anymore, but I still loved it. So anyway, I go to switch everything from my old purse into this one and discover that it's just one big pocket. Just a big "DUMP" purse. I did not like this so I decided to do something about it.

I sewed a double pocket on the inside. Now, I know this is nothing like some of you do, but I'm still very proud of myself. :) I wanted to put green cami print in it, but I had a scrap piece of desert cami fabric leftover from an apron I made, so I used that, because then I didn't have to buy anything.

Here's the finished product...

It doesn't look straight, but I promise - it is.

I based the size of the pocket off of my phone, since that what I mainly wanted it for. It turned out great, and I love having a safe place for my phone now! :)

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