Monday, May 24, 2010



I was GOING to keep this news on the DL, but didn't discuss this with my husband, because I didn't think I needed to. Then, I got a "congratulations" text from a friend who said they saw the news on facebook. I log onto facebook and look at my husband's status which reads, "So....the Mrs is Prego." Then I look and see my SISTER'S status is "Liz is assuming I can make the announcement, since my bro-in-law just little sis is having another baby sometime next January!!! SO EXCITED!!!"

OOPS! I guess I should have let Greg know I was planning on keeping it low key for a little while. I'm not mad in the least bit - it's my own fault for not discussing it with him. I guess I was just surprised, but definitely a GOOD surprised. I'm so glad that he was excited enough to let everyone know. :) The last pregnancy was...weird. He was indifferent about it (which in hind sight, I think was God) so to see how excited he is about this one just makes me that much MORE excited.

I'd been having symptoms all last week but was too scared to test. It's so much easier to just wait and see if your period comes than to see a negative pregnancy test.

Anyway, by Friday morning I couldn't wait any longer since my period was due on Tuesday (sorry if TMI.) I took the test, and almost immediately saw a line appearing. All I could say was, "OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH." And I'm not exaggerating - I walked around my house repeating that over and over just looking at the test for about 5 minutes straight. Hunter probably thought his mom had gone crazy. Thankfully, Greg had forgotten his wallet at home that day so we had to go up to his work and give it to him. Good thing, because I would have went there anyway! I pulled him outside of the building to get some privacy. He told me later that his first thought for me wanting privacy was that I needed to tell him I hit something with the car, lol! Anyway, he was very excited, and he told everyone in his shop that day. :) I love how excited he is. It makes me feel soo good.

I was so worried that when I became pregnant again, that all I would do is worry about a miscarriage. (Worrying about worrying, how's that for trust?) But that is NOT the case at all. God has given me such peace, which I am constantly thanking Him for. I still wonder why I miscarried last year. Maybe it's because me being due in 2 months from now would mean I couldn't work, and I don't believe we'll be financially stable on one salary by then. Or maybe it's so I would appreciate this pregnancy (and future ones too) that much more. And of course, us just NOT conceiving until now would have been another possibility, but that would have hurt in a whole different way. I'm not sure the reason, but I know the middle reason is at least true. I'm even more excited about this pregnancy than the last one. The miscarriage made me realize how special this is. Not that I wasn't excited with the last one, but we got pregnant so fast with Hunter, and I had a perfect pregnancy with him, so I didn't expect anything different with the next ones. God has opened my eyes even more to how special and how much of a blessing being pregnant is. I'm so thankful for that, and SO thankful for this child.

So, although I was going to keep it a secret for a little while, plans changed, and that's ok. :)

Any prayers for a healthy pregnancy are welcomed. Mommy, daddy, and baby really appreciate them! :)

...stay tuned for weekly pregnancy updates!...


  1. note to self...always discuss "sharing the news" plans with spouse. Got it! And seriously, had you not let it out, we would have just went around telling everyone not to tell you that we told them :)

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  3. haha I love that I was the wrecker in this story!!! congrats again :)