Monday, May 31, 2010

The "Up, Down" Song

So last Sunday after church, we were sitting at the dinner table eating, and Hunter started saying "up, down, up, down" and was raising his hands up and down as he said it. There are some times when we don't know what he is talking about so we just say, "Oh yeah?" and move on with the conversation. This was one of those times.

Then on Tuesday, I happened to look at the sheet from church that goes home with the parents every week telling us what they learned about during the service. (Silly me for not reading this before!) There was a song with motions on there about David and Goliath. I started to sing the song, and asked Hunter if that's what he was saying, and his eyes got really big and said, "YEAH!!" so then we sang it together and did the motions. He LOVES this song. It's so sweet to watch his little 2 year old body try to coordinate the moves. We got it on video so you could see too. :)

I'm so excited that he is retaining information at church. It's like a whole new stage. He gets to tell us about what he did during service, even if that means we have to read the sheet to figure out what he's talking about :)


  1. aaawwww! But what's the up, down part?

  2. Goliath was so tall, David was so small. Because you go up then down.