Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dining Out

Last night, we decided to eat out at Texas Roadhouse. We had a BOGO coupon for a free entree, so why not!?

It was a really enjoyable dinner. We weren't celebrating anything, and nothing in particular happened, it was just a nice dinner out to eat.

We were there for quite a while, because with my stomach, I just have to graze all day and not let my stomach get too hungry or too full. Greg called me a 'cow.' Isn't that sweet? ;) Anyway, because of this, I took a really long time to eat even half of my meal, so we were there for quite a while. Hunter was absolutely wonderful the whole time. He ate his meal with no problems and quietly played with his monster trucks when we were finished. Greg and I had good conversation the whole time (with the exception of the 'cow' remark.)

For the first time, I realized that Hunter is at an age where we can take him to restaurants and not have to be in and out before he loses it. He's a well behaved little boy that sits there quietly until we're ready to go. So with our son finally like this, what do we think it's time to do?


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