Friday, June 4, 2010

Potty Training!

So last Friday, the kids I watch wanted to go to the library. So, after school, I was a crazy lady and took four kids into a building where you get in trouble if you're too loud. The visit wasn't too bad. I did have a little trouble from the 10 year old who was not happy that I made him get a real book instead of an Ultimate Pokemon Cheat Code book. (Can you believe it? I must be the meanest baby sitter in the world.) Anyway, I had picked out a book for Hunter that I was going to get and then on our way out I saw this...
I picked that book right up and we were on our way! Once I was home from work Friday night, we sat down and read the book. It starts out by saying "Michael is a boy just your age. Michael likes to play with toys and look at books. Do you like those things to?" As soon as I asked the question, Hunter's eyes lit up and he said "YEAH!" It had some more questions like that, and Hunter really loved the book. At the end of it, I asked him if he wanted to put big boy underpants on like Michael and go in the potty. Well, he did go pee pee in the potty, and kept his underpants dry all Friday night. We started again on Saturday. He did have 3 accidents all day, but I think that's pretty good for just starting! Sunday was even better, and I even printed a Potty Chart that he gets to put stickers on every time he goes.

He LOVES the potty chart! He loves getting another sticker to put on there. It only took a couple days and he hasn't had any accidents! It was like, as soon as he made the mind change that we go pee pee in the potty and not a diaper, that was it! He's even staying dry during nap time and through the night! Pooping is another issue, and we haven't been successful at that yet, but he's doing really well with #1!

Any suggestions for helping with #2? (And please don't say an enima...I'm not really fond of that idea.)

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  1. Hey Emmma this is Emily Jones-
    What I did for Kennedy was placed her potty in her toy room and let her run around without panties and then I told her when you have to do #2 sit down on potty. Well the 1st time she missed and and got it on the floor but the next time she did it. She was the type that would not do #2 around people she wanted to hide so when I saw her acting like that, that is when I said I would put the potty in her toy room with her. She was potty trained about 3 months after Brooklyn was born and it was fast for her.