Wednesday, June 16, 2010

8 Weeks

8 weeks...a part of me wants to say "already" and the other part of my wants to say "only." I'm still VERY sick. Morning sickness hit sooner with this one than it did with Hunter. I hope that means it will end sooner too, but I honestly don't remember exactly when it ended with Hunter. I'm praying that the second trimester will bring better days. Poor Greg has just had to put up with me being sick all the time, which he has been wonderful in doing so. He's taking such good care of me. I thought to inform him the other day that it won't be like this (Lord willing) the whole pregnancy. There is a time when I feel good, and (mostly) normal! It occurred to me that with my pregnancy with Hunter, he deployed soon after my morning sickness came, and returned when I was 8 months pregnant. So he never got to experience the wonderful second trimester with me! So, I told him hopefully in a few more weeks, I'll be back to least for a little while. :)

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