Monday, April 4, 2011

Mysterious Ways

I love the way the Lord works.

I love when he blesses you in a way that only He is capable of.

If you read my More Blessings post, you know that we were just blessed with great furniture at a great price. At the end of it, I jokingly threw out there that we were still waiting on a replacement for our sad coffee table.


I get this comment on my blog. It's from a friend of a friend. Our mutual friend's name is Keri, and she lives in Washington state, which is where they know each other from. Anyway, the comment said that she happens to live near me and happens to have a coffee table to give away! How awesome is that?!

So she and her kids came over and visited with us today (she was even gracious enough to deliver!) It was very nice to visit with her and her children and I am so thankful to her, and ultimately, the Lord for His mysterious ways that He provides.

Not only did we get a new coffee table, but we made new friends too! :)


  1. God is good, all the time!!! What a great story to tell of his incredible faithfulness.