Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Blessings

We're tight on money. Who isn't?

We're trying to pay off debt. Who isn't?

Because of this though, our household items have seen better days (before we ever owned them.) We've just acquired what we have in the cheapest ways possible, whether it be an awesome deal we find on craigslist, from friends blessing us with free items, or even taking things out of the garbage. (I make my husband do the dirty work on that last one.)

For the last year, our "desk" has been my sewing table (which we got out of the garbage.) When you went in the top drawer for the stapler, you had to pick it up from atop the spool holder.

Classy, I know. We try.

Anyway, the sewing table was sufficient so we just went about our business.

However, Greg's boss is retiring and moving out of state, so they are selling all of their furniture to make for a light move, and boy - did it benefit us!

We got two desks, a small filing cabinet, a new computer chair, a rocker, and a Toy Story 3 toddler table and chair set for Hunter for an awesome price. While Greg and his friend (thanks, Ruben!) were picking it up, his boss even threw in a large filing cabinet that matches the other furniture. Here's a picture of a few of the new items.

As you can see by the burp cloth on the desk, the giant piece of cake I was about to indulge in (the weight loss is really going well,) and the goofy face my husband is making, we've made the desks feel right at home. We had to rearrange our whole half of the living room for them, but it looks ten times better than it did before with a very unorganized bookshelf and sewing table as a desk.

Since being diligent with my Bible studying every morning, I've acquired quite the stack of books that had made permanent residence on my microwave (right next to the Windex, apparently) since I was studying at the kitchen table. I am so excited to have an actual desk to study at that is comfortable, roomy, and my books can stay there so they're convenient during studying. So, aside from the computer being on the one desk, Greg and I each have our own desks. I have informed him that a MacBook would be a wonderful accessory on my desk, though. It's been nice to sit at each of them in the evening after the kids have gone to bed. Even though he's playing a computer game, I'm clipping coupons, and not much talking is done, we're still close by each other.

So thank you, Lord, for blessing us with nice furniture once again! But just FYI...

we're still holding out for a new coffee table!


  1. Hello! You and I are both friends with Brian and Keri Ronk. I stumbled on your blog while on Keri's. Small world that it is, I live in Chesapeake and have a coffee table to give away. Isn't God pretty cool like that? It's from Ikea and is still in pretty good shape. Let me know if you're interested and want the dimensions. I can even deliver it! My email is navas@cox.net. Oh, and my name is Susan!

  2. God is good, all the time!
    We would LOVE the coffee table!