Sunday, November 25, 2012

7 Months

How on earth is our sweet boy 7 months already?
People ask me if he is ever not smiling. Um, not very often!
He really loves to smile at anyone that talks to him. And he loves his toes!
 He's not crawling yet. He still needs to get his knees under him. However, he does roll once or twice to get to something close, and he will probably be low crawling soon. He definitely has a desire to things out of his reach and you can tell he's trying to figure out ways to get to them.

He LOVES to eat. And as soon as I can start to give him table food, he's going to love it. He hasn't eaten any baby food he doesn't like, and he always eyes our food and watches every bite go into our mouth with a look like he doesn't understand why we're not sharing!

He gives open mouth kisses!

And he's getting pretty good at sitting up. He's still a bit wobbly and needs someone there to catch him when he falls, but it's coming along.

He loves his little giraffe from the Friedleins. I turn the music box on and give it to him and he puts himself to sleep.

When he gets excited, he's been kicking his little legs, even if you're holding him. It's too cute. And he has even started doing it when I'm singing. I'm starting to wonder if he's dancing!

Mommy and daddy love you sweet baby boy!

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