Sunday, November 25, 2012

Random iPhone Pictures

Every so often, my friend Keri has "Random iPhone Picture" posts, where she just posts some recent pictures she's taken and explains them. Those are some of my favorite posts since the blog post isn't about one thing in particular, but just a bunch of little stuff she wants to share. Well, I decided that I'm going to start doing the same thing. Thanks for the idea, Keri!

Here's Hunter doing his phonics homework, but on this particular day, he felt the need to do it with his revolver on his hip. You never know when a bad guy is going to enter the scene!

We went to a friend's Super Hero birthday party, and Becky, the birthday boy's mom, made capes for all the kids!

Hunter and Kylee want to wear theirs all the time while they play! Kylee calls hers a "cake." And even though I don't have photographic evidence, I keep finding Greg with Gunnar's little cape on! He woke me up from my Sunday nap today and I laughed because he had it on. Apparently, he'd had it on for a while because he couldn't even figure out why I was laughing!

I make chocolate chip pancakes fairly regularly for breakfast for the kids. On this particular day, I guess picky-eater-Kylee only wanted the chocolate chips.

I found this in the bathroom the other day. Baby doll needed a clean diaper, I guess! I think I'm going to sew some baby doll cloth diapers for her for Christmas!

Kylee let me french braid her hair!

Thanks to sales and coupons, my pantry is ready for Christmas cookie time!
We have all three pictures of the kids around 4 months old with the American flag in frames...finally!
I found the older two watching a movie I'd put in for them together on the floor. It was so sweet!
Gunnar fell asleep mid-playing...silly boy.

Daddy is just a big jungle gym.

Kylee loves carrots!
She's also a diva. After church today, she didn't want her big furry coat off.
Gunnar fell asleep like this too! And every time we took his foot out, he would put it right back in!

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  1. Claire never wants to take her big puffy coat off either! They need to be BFF!!

    Also, the background on your blog keeps changing for me. Sometimes it will be pink with the bird and then if I click on a post it will switch to blue and brown with swirls?

    Also I keep trying to post this but I can never figure out what those dang word verification things say!