Sunday, November 4, 2012


For Halloween at church, the kids were asked to dress as their favorite Bible character. When we asked Hunter who he wanted to dress as from the Bible, he answered with "a Preacher." I loved his answer too much to tell him that didn't meet the criteria!

He already has everything in his wardrobe except for a suit jacket. I went to Goodwill and scored one for $2.76! It was quite dirty, 
and I was a little worried because it was dry clean only but Fels Naptha did the trick!

I got it wet, scrubbed it with the bar of Fels Naptha and did some scrubbing with my hands, and then rinsed it clean. I made sure to blow dry it dry so it didn't leave any water marks. 

It turned out great!
And so did our little preacher boy!

 Isn't my boy so handsome?!

I had some mouse ears that I've had from high school so I put those on Kylee just for fun. Mice were on the Ark, right?

They both liked their costumes!

And Gunnar? He just went as a handsome boy. Not that that's a costume...

Towards the end of the church service, the kids came in to sing a few songs,

And then we all lined up around the sanctuary with candy and they got to come and "trick-or-treat."

Here he is again just waiting patiently.

Then we had our Fall Festival this past Friday. They have games for the kids to play, and FRIED OREOS. Oh's a good thing I didn't bring any of those home. They were so good! Anyway, this is about the kids...
Here is Hunter playing an Angry Birds game...
And it was so fun with Kylee because she's just now getting old enough to play games like this so she had fun too.

 And Gunnar was just plain cute. What can I say? it's what he does best.

The kids had a couple of fun days! Now we just need to figure out how to rid of all this candy...


  1. Tell me more about these fried oreos that you speak of...

  2. Emma it was so nice to see you this weekend.

    Keri her are a few recipes very easy to make:

    Also instead of pancake mix you can use funnel cake mix.