Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bad Blogger

I know I haven't been blogging about much in a while...but honestly, there's nothing to really blog about lately.

I have been working, and we're still waiting on Greg's school to start so we just hang out at home all the time because of the heat and lack of finances. Our life is pretty boring right now, but it won't be like this forever.

We did go to the pool again this weekend, and Hunter got a little more comfortable this time. He even went on the big water structure. We picked him up though every time the bucket fell because the water would knock him over if we didn't. Towards the end, he pulled daddy's hand everywhere just walking in the shallow part of the pool, and Greg had to pull him away from deeper waters at one time because he said he just kept walking even though the water was at his neck! We're glad he likes the pool though, because I don't want him to be afraid of the water. The pool, unfortunately, closes next weekend though, so he's getting warmed up to it just in time for it to close!

Anyway, I think Hunter and I may pull out the jogging stroller tonight while daddy is gone - that is if it drops below 100 degrees...

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