Friday, July 9, 2010

Lots of Weeks

I have been so terrible, I KNOW! Ever since I've been working full time (since the kids are out of school for the summer) I have a hard enough time finding time to do all the housework, let alone finding time to blog. Also, Greg's truck decided to break down earlier this week, so this means getting everyone up at 6:30 to take him to work. That makes for one zombie-like pregnant woman, and one crabby two year old! We're praying Greg finds a good priced transmission soon! In addition to all that, we just moved this past weekend! It's been a crazy couple of weeks! As promised though, I'll post pictures of the new house after we're all unpacked.
Anyway, here are 9 week pictures...
10 weeks...
And 11 weeks...

I am excited that we are officially in uncharted territory with Greg experiencing the pregnancy. He was deployed when I was 9.5 weeks with Hunter. Also, Only 1.5 weeks until the second trimester. YAY!!
This next picture was just because. Baby is the size of a plum, and so while we were at the grocery store, I made Greg snap this photo. :)

I finally got approved for insurance, PRAISE GOD! And my first dr's appointment is Monday, where we'll have our first ultrasound! I am SO excited, and don't worry, I will DEFINITELY be posting pictures! :)