Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So I've slowly been working on unpacking (mostly) all our boxes in this house. We've decided we're going to stay here until we either buy a house, or move somewhere else because of another job. We are thankful for this job and know it's a great place for Greg to start out, because the dealership is great with new techs that have a lot to learn, but we don't know that we want to retire here. We're just not crazy about the area.

Anyway, one box that I finally got to unpack that's been packed up for months is our games! So, I made Greg play dominoes with me the other night. Hunter was still up, so he "helped" too. And he did really well! I would decide which tile I wanted to play, and then I would hand it to him and he had to find where it's match on the table was. He loved it too. I just can't believe how big my bug is getting! And, it helped me find another activity for school for us to do. :)

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