Wednesday, July 28, 2010

14 Weeks

I felt like the first trimester took SO long, but now I can't believe I'm 14 weeks already! I asked Greg to take my 14 week pictures last night, and I questioned myself when I said it, wondering if 14 was the right number because it seems so high already!

I'm really feeling good pretty much the whole day now. It feels SO good to say that!

I've gotten to hear the baby's heartbeat 3 times at my appointments so far. Each time it's been in the high 150s-160s. Nice and healthy! The first couple times they had a hard time finding it, but they said that's normal early on because my uterus is still tucked behind my pelvic bone so they kind of have to get behind the bone, but that, soon, my uterus will tip forward because of its growing size. At my appointment on Monday, she put the doppler on my belly, and got the heartbeat almost instantly! So I think this means that my uterus it tipping forward like they said which also means my belly will get bigger too!

Also exciting news, I think I felt the baby last night! I was laying in bed when we were going to sleep, and I felt constant fluttering right where the baby is. It's the best feeling EVER! :)

As far as my hyperthyroidism appointment with the endocrinologist isn't until September 13th! That's the earliest they had; isn't that ridiculous!? Anyway, the normal hormone range for a thyroid is 4-12, and mine is 14. So to me, that sounds like a mild case of hyperthyroidism. So, I decided to google natural remedies for it this morning since it could only help! Apparently cabbage family vegetables are supposed to lower the thyroid function along with peaches and pears. It said that Vitamin B12 deficiencies may give raise to hyperthyroidism. So this is just one more reason for me to be eating healthy and taking my vitamins! I am going to shoot for at least one serving a day of one of the foods listed, and then see how things look in September at my appointment. I figure it can only help!

I am SOOOO excited for this weekend. We will be travelling to New Bern to visit friends and go to a cutie pie's one year birthday party. I am also excited because two of my friends who lived there when we did are also pregnant. Keri is due January 21st, Jenny is due the 23rd, and I'm due the 25th! How crazy is that? This will be the only time we'll be in the same place together during our pregnancies though, so I'm excited for that.

I'll be sure to get pictures of our growing bellies together!! :)

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  1. that is awesome that your trying natural remedies. i have a great recipe for stuffed cabbage and i can get the actually yummy recipe for cabbage soup. it makes the house smell odd but it's tasty. and below is a website for a fetal Doppler you can rent for $14 a month! I think i'm going to get one for Dec. so the family can hear the lil' one over Christmas :)

    love ya!