Thursday, July 15, 2010


So...I'm unemployed.

It's been a weird week. Last Friday was when it started. My boss told me she wasn't going to work, and since I'm a nanny, that means I have the day off too. The same thing happened on Monday, but Tuesday morning came along and I didn't hear from her so I assumed that meant I was working. Hunter and I showed up at the house, and there was no one there. Apparently she didn't need me that day either. So then Wednesday, yesterday, I texted her asking if she needed me and she said she didn't but I could come get my pay from last week. So, when I picked it up, she said she's taking a leave of absense from work and didn't know when she'd be going back.

I'm not really holding my breath about going back though. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I haven't been enjoying the job lately, so I'm not sad that I don't have to go anymore. I've suddenly become a stay at home mom again, which I absolutely love. Between work and pregnancy, I've been too tired to keep up with the housework like I used to, so I'm able to do that again. I haven't done any preschool curriculum with Hunter since I got the job back in April, so this morning, we started that again too. There's lots of plusses to this! :) The only minus is the lack of pay. We obviously do like paying our bills, and we're short every month if I'm not working. However, that's never stopped God in the past, so I'm continuing to trust, and looking for jobs where I know to look. The biggest issue is finding someone that will hire a 3 month pregnant woman.

So that's that. This will leave me more time for blogging! And I'm also excited about having the time and energy to finish unpacking the rest of the house too.

I'd like to continue blogging about preschool like I was in the stay tuned for more posts on that. :)

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