Tuesday, August 17, 2010

16 and 17 Weeks

It has been a crazy week so I had to post both of these in one post. We went home to Michigan last week to visit family and friends so there wasn't much time for blogging!

Here are my 16 week pics. Sorry for the terrible lighting. I look like a racoon! However, thanks to my sister-in-law, I have a new array of adorable maternity clothes, this outfit included. Thanks, Ruth!

I am 17 weeks today and feeling great! My appetite is HUGE! I gained 5 lbs while I was in MI but I hadn't gained anything before that so it puts me right on schedule. Those darn Coney Hani's are to blame though! Here's my 17 week pics. (Also notice my mom and I finally hung things on the wall while she was here. I'm finally making this house a home...)

Baby is getting bigger and bigger, about the size of a sweet potato at 5.5 inches long! I am starting to feel the baby more and more, and it's gone from light flutters to occasional punches that I KNOW is baby! It's so exciting. There's been LOTS of activity going on in there today and I LOVE it!

I (FINALLY!) scheduled our anatomy ultrasound yesterday! It's on September 15th. I'm sad it still seems so far away, but glad it's finally scheduled, at least! We can't wait to find out if Hunter is getting a little brother or sister. Greg thinks it's a girl, but wants a boy. I want a girl. With Hunter I remember being so sure that it was a boy, and I would have been shocked if they told me otherwise at the ultrasound. I wasn't basing it on anything but my intuition. I haven't really felt strongly one way or the other with this one until this past week. Again, I feel like this is another boy. Everyday that feeling gets stronger and stronger. I even dreamt last night that we had a boy. I do want a girl, but I will be happy with a boy too. Besides, Greg said we're done having kids after we have two girls, so if this is another boy, that guarantees me at least 4 children! ;)


  1. ok, those plaid shorts are so you and Ruth! There isn't a better person you could have gotten clothes from ;)

  2. those plaid shorts are my FAVORITE thing of the entire wardrobe! :)

  3. The first thing I thought when I saw them was, "Oh my gosh, those are so ugly..."

    I know you know I said it with love. And good taste...