Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So, it all started with wanting a bookshelf.

Hunter is at the age where he LOVES being read to, and gets so excited if I say the word "library." He loves books, and that's obviously something I want to dote on! He has had two boxes of books that I've had nowhere to put to be available for him. So, a few weeks before we went home to MI, I asked my dad if he'd build a bookshelf for him. Being a grandpa, he couldn't say no. ;) And he is very good at carpentry. He built Hunter a really nice toy box a couple years ago too. Anyway, we brought back the Popey-made bookshelf for Hunter. I painted it the same blue that his nightstand and toy box were painted. Here he is with his new bookshelf, showing where the books will go.
After we got his books on his shelf, it made me want to get all of our books on one. We originally bought a bookshelf 3 moves ago when we were in IL. It was just a cheapo one from Target, and showed that after 3 moves. It actually never made it to our current residence because in the last place, it would sway back and forth if you sent a light breeze its way. It finally found its new home in the trash before we moved.

Anyway, we were in need of another bookshelf. Craigslist has become my best friend lately, so I started looking on there. I found a tall bookshelf that a lady was only asking $10 for. So, we went to look at it. She said she was relocating to CA and was selling everything before moving. Greg noticed a dresser sitting in the middle of her dining room so he asked if that was for sale too. She was asking $50 for the dresser. We offered her $50 for both of them and she accepted. Here's a picture of both of them...

They're nothing spectacular, but definitely sturdy and a good deal for $50! We have both been sharing a dresser since we got married, and the rest of our stuff gets piled on shelves in the closet. It wasn't the best method so we were definitely thankful we stumbled upon the dresser!

So, THEN we were talking to our neighbors across the street about how we just got a dresser for our room, and now we need to start looking for Hunter. I have had a trundle drawer that went under his crib that I've had sitting on the floor in his closet, and I put his folded clothes in it. That's been his "dresser." Anyway, our neighbors said they had an old green one we could sand down and paint blue that they offered us. They just needed to clean it out.

Then today, they called us over and said they got an amazing deal on a really nice armoire ($25!) at the local thrift store. So they had TWO stained dressers they didn't need anymore and they said we could have one for Hunter and one for the new baby! I couldn't believe it! I just feel so blessed that the Lord is providing us with things that we definitely need, but haven't even asked for. It may be pregnancy hormones, but I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about how thankful I am that they gifted us two dressers! Hunter was very excited to get his own dresser, and Greg was excited to throw the trundle drawer (that was falling apart) in the trash! :) Here's a pic of one of them:

They currently have flower knobs, which will just not do for a boy's room, so I am going to try to look for some fun knobs to put on Hunter's dresser. Then, once we find out if we have a little boy or a little girl on the way, I'll do the same for that one. :)

So that's it for now. Isn't God awesome??

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  1. That's awesome. I love seeing all the way God provides!